Choice of Captain not playable on Choice of Games?

I think it is best that I go right to the matter at hand.

My question and puzzlement is regarding Choice of Captain, and my main question is already in the topic name. Why isn’t the full game/interactive novel available on Choice of Games? Knowing a bit of coding I do realize that it has nothing to do with it the difficulty of having it on different platform since it is simply text and options you choose, which is dramatically more simple than many other games that are on both IOS and PCs.

I have bought most of the Choice of Games now and enjoyed a most of them tremendously. I had been keeping this game for later because I had heard very positive things about it. But when I was about to try it out and buy it I found out that I couldn’t do it here, and if I wanted to get it I would have to buy an android to run it.

I know a lot of folk own android phones and such, but some folk don’t, including me. And either way, I prefer to read a wall of text on bigger screen as I do get a slight headache if I do so for extended periods on something like android. And personally I would prefer not to spend 900 bucks just to play one game, no matter how good it is.

The creator can of course do whatever he wants, but I really would like an explanation and some logical reason why the game isn’t available fully on Choice of Games when it is marked as a Choice of Games made game. :confused:

I don’t know why it wouldn’t be on the web store; but I have Star Captain on Chrome, which you could download for free on your big-screen computer.

I feel like I am being slightly ridiculed but after having suffered Lloyd I do feel I can let it pass. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just bought the game through a friend of mine and used his pad to read it. Sure I won’t be able to play it every day, but it is better than nothin’.

And from what I can see, my limited knowledge of chrome store indicated that I needed an android to run it (or Windows 8.1 which I will not update to). Regarding screen size, it isn’t that huge since I am currently on a laptop. I simply prefer that over smaller screens since I suffer from migraines and do try to avoid causing myself more pain than is necessary.

Nevertheless, thanks for replying.

I picked up a large screen, refurbished tablet for fairly cheap, specifically so I could read Choice of Games. However, reading for extended periods of time on something that’s back-lit gives me headaches too, even if I do turn the brightness down.

I get those same headaches on my desktop though. That said, the chrome store is where I purchased all of my choice games, prior to having an android. I just checked it and it does still work for me and I’ve not got an updated version of Windows 8.

I’ve no idea why Choice of the Star Captain wouldn’t be on the choice of games store though. I know there were problems previously with payment methods which meant it was only the games that Choice of Games owned the rights to that they had available on their own store, but I thought those had been resolved.

We are talking about The Choice of the Star Captain right? I don’t have Choice of captain. Sorry if this is a dumb question amazon store just got The Race by Andy Why.