Choice of Box: Help/Resource Site (Updated 04/22/16)

This just a simple project I have been working on with a great deal of help from many members on the threads here. The concept is simple a central point for new users to find everything they need to get started quickly.

The basic setup is there, yet a lot of work still needs to go into it. Bare this in mind as you view the site. The reason I am placing it up now is I think community comment will be very useful in the further growth of the site.

Thank you and I hope you find this useful.

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I can see the site has seen a lot of traffic, yet no one has commented.
Your feelings, positive or negative, towards the site will help in the development. Please feel free too comment here abour the site, thank you.

The traffic’s probably all me! :stuck_out_tongue: Well maybe not. Do you want me to change the topic title to someone more explanatory. Like “Choice of Box: Help/Resource Site Input Wanted! Comment please!”

@FairyGosfeather sounds good :slight_smile:

There you go. I left off the comment please since that was getting desperate. :slight_smile:

It looks good. I just need to get the update sorted then I will work on something for you.

@Nocturnal_Stillness No worries, I know you are working hard on your update And thank you.

@FairyGodfeather thanks again.

I love the site so far! My only gripe is purely visual. I’m not overly fond of the current color pallet, but then again, I have a general preference to darker color schemes much like the current wiki.

@lordirisdas Could you put a way that i could see pc version of the page, the mobile one is anoying due i have to read all your post resumes to read the actual page menu X(

@fantom thank you and I agree on the colors. unfortunately,as it turns out WordPress is not the easiest to modify. It is on my to do list.

@MaraJade WordPress does have its own set up for mobile version. I will look into the setup see if I can change it.

I strongly dislike the current wiki’s colour scheme. :slight_smile: I prefer dark on light.

I am color blind so colors schemes are hard for me to decide. While I do see colors just not the same as most. So once I figure out how to make the changes I will need imput to what works best.

@MaraJade I have changed Mobile layout so now all you have to do is click menu button at the top of the page. let me know if this works for you. Thank you.

There is not button for me maybe depends of mobile? either in my 3ds. Its not a real problem due i just scroll down all way to menu. Could we register in page?

@MaraJade you may need to refresh or go to the bottom of the page and click the mobile version. As far as to register, I will look into it as I do not know. If you already have a Word Press login it should work.

I tried to register, makes you goto Word Press. If you just want a login for the site I can do it manually. All I need is username an email and password pm to me.

*Edit I do recommend that everyone registers with WordPress.

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