Are there any youtube videos covering choice script tutorials?

Ive been reading the documentation, but figured i would ask here, are there any youtube videos to be found that cover the choicescript and how to do basic functions like, creating variables, choosing how to name your character, allowing them to pick gender etc etc?

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No videos, unfortunately, but along with the wiki be sure to check out for some useful pointers and tutorials.

That actually sounds like a gap that needs filling. Are there any rules against making such a video series?

No there is not. If you make any let me I would be happy to add them to choiceofbox. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I might be able to do such a thing but then again I probably won’t since I’m very “busy” with other things.

I could’ve sworn you said you were working on some at some point?
I’m not much for video tutorials myself, but I can appreciate that some people do prefer them and I do think it’s a gap that needs filling, we just need someone with the time, skill and dedication. It’s usually the time everybody lacks.

I’m unpublished and hardly more than a ChoiceScript novice, but I’ve got some recording software and a good microphone.

However, my computer just died inexplicably. So, uh, you should probably count me out for the immediate future. Besides, I’m sure there are folks on the forum who are more qualified.

what i would love, if i may make a suggestion to anyone reading this and thinking of filling that gap is a video that explains all the functions *create, *set, *goto etc and an example of it in action.

And maybe an advance tutorial on the strength and limitations of the system.

You are correct I was working on one, but then got busy with choiceofbox, the contest, and finally was writing again. lol so sorta drop the ball on that, sorry.

I will add that back on my to do list. I have tons of video editing software so can create a video or two.

Since I only code now using the desktop IDE created by @CJW, I’m to spoiled now to go back to notepad ++. So any videos I work on will not be uploaded until the IDE is released.

I have been trying to make one but it just doesn’t work out very well

what is the desktop ide?

@MrFoxx It’s a desktop version of @CHW’s online development enviroment found here

The desktop version (currently in beta testing with a small group) has a number of improvements and additional features.

It rocks. p) Looking forward to when it is released.

There’s no need to apologize man, neither you or anyone else is obliged to make tutorial videos, I just thought you were doing, and there’s arguably little point in several people attempting the same thing.

In all honesty I’m half-tempted to make some myself, but as with us all it’s just finding the time. Perhaps after the IDE is released one of us will find it, if someone else doesn’t pick up the baton beforehand.

It’s pretty much as @fantom says; it’s an application that aims to streamline and simplify a large chunk of the CS game creation process, alongside providing a host of useful tools and features to help you manage, review, test and debug your games.
You can read more about it here.

How about if it’s released by parts? Example of making a choice then the next vid is about making nested choices and so-on?

I might be able to make very short tutorials like.

  1. downloading Choice Script
  2. *title abd *scene_list
  3. variables
  4. *stat_chart
  5. *choice

Sorry to bump this thread back up but…I was wondering if anyone has made any progress making Video Tutorials?
Here are some pros:
-Make CS more beginner friendly
-Draw in more and a wider variety of writers
-help those that are struggling with CS
-More ideal for visual and audio learners

I was thinking that we could draw in more writers and also help current writers by making short simple video tutorials for CS.
A big turnoff for a lot of writers is the seeming complexity of learning how to use CS,
So why not make video tutorial to help those who struggle.

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