Choice not showing up after a selectable if?

Hello, it’s me again. This time I’m having trouble with a choice not showing up and I think it might have to do with a *selectable_if

    #I wish I was a human. 
        *set hum +10
        *set hos %+5
    *selectable_if (job = "unemployed") #I wish I was a human. It's also why I didn't bother trying to live more comfortably.
        *set hum +10
        *set hos %+5
     #Choice three
         *set hum +15
         *set hos %-7

(choices shorter so you don’t waste time reading)

as you can see I wanted to add two options that are pretty much the same except for an extra line of dialogue if you’re unemployed (for those who helped me with the other posts, the unemployment is giving me a lot of issues, how realistic!)
however, the third choice won’t show up for me, which also makes me think the error I got “line 260something doesn’t exist” has something to do with it, that being the line where I wrote option three. (the error doesn’t show up anymore)

As always, thank you in advance to anyone who decides to help!

copy pasted, it looks like you have an extra space before #choice three, it looks tabbed over a little bit more than the rest of your choices.

You have 4 spaces before the first two choices, and 5 spaces before the third choice


It worked! Wow, I would have never noticed that since I’m so used to the auto indentation :sob: thanks!

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