Children of Iseir Book One: Born under a Blood Moon (WIP) [Update 5/27/24 102K words]

Yep, I took your advice and reworked them. Thanks for that feedback!

Just done with update, no more error found, the update snuggle nicely with the rest of the story.

A question perhaps, any plan adding point of view from other character? Or the story strictly from baby’s perspective?

My original plan was to include multiple character POVs, and had written a prologue that was in another character’s POV. I still have some code lingering that sets stats for other characters, but I’m moving further from that idea, I think. The truth is I’m still not 100% sure, but I’m leaning to just focusing on the MC for now. But, there are some important elements to the story that might be cool to reveal from another characters POV, sorry it’s such a wishy-washy answer :thinking:

But, just so you know, you won’t play as a baby through the whole story. Right now the Acts (there are 5) roughly align with the age of the character. Act 1: Infant to age 2, Act 2: Toddler ages 3-6, Act 3: Child ages 7-12, Act 4 Teenager ages 13-19, and Act 5 Adult.

I’d like your opinion on something. Some people have expressed an interest in learning about some of the characters they will meet throughout the story. I have been kicking around the idea of sharing some of their profiles and some of the world-building info and art. (Caveat: I’m no artist, so all the associated art is AI generated) I can understand if some might not want to muddy their ideas of the world and the characters with stuff I’ve created, which in all honesty isn’t some of the time exactly what I had in mind either, I’m finding AI is finicky and tricky to generate something specific. I’m planning on creating a Tumblr page where I can share some of this stuff with people who might be interested. I’ve been trying to generate something of a ‘cover image’ for the page and wanted your opinion on which you feel is best until I can commission a real artist to bring the image in my head to life.

Let me make it clearer what I mean is primarily from MC’s point of view? not just baby :grin: it just happen now still baby.

It’s totally okay with MC perspective it just some like using others POV I am just curious which author leaning that is all.

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I’m leaning toward staying in the MC’s POV, I’m hoping this way the readers over the course of the three stories I have planned build a close bond with their character, but I have multiple subplots that weave in and out of the MC’s plot. These subplots will allow you to get to know, hopefully empathize with other characters, and build close relationships and deep animosity to other characters.

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Certainly feel more immersive that way

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In response to the surprisingly frequent comments on how detailed the customization options are, I do have an idea for you that may help those who’ve remarked less positively. It’s not that common, but I have seen a couple authors employ the option of “presets” for MC appearance templates. It’s a lot of backend busy-work, and you would probably have to either partially, or completely rewrite the relevant scenes to accommodate these presets, but it would streamline things for players that are less concerned with their MC’s features, and more interested in the development of their personalities/skills.

It could be something like:

1 the player can still do full customization scenes as normal (for players like myself who really enjoy it)

2 the option to just choose from male template A, B, or C (however many you’d personally choose to make) or female template A, B, or C, etc. For those who don’t mind what that ends up being past a small brief about general coloration, and details like how the template’s final height might impact combat utility within the narrative scope.

The major downside, as I’ve noted, is that it is a lot of reworking for the backend, and not really helpful for progressing the overarching plot. :sweat_smile:

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Excellent suggestion, thank you. I do have the skip feature already which might help speed the process somewhat if I could borrow some of the code.

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Do add options in customisation for really tall height option and muscular burly option i wanna make my mc look like juggernaut :moyai::moyai::muscle::moyai:,

Also would be good to have impact on the customized looks we choose like if have go for tall and burly looks every NPCs should have different reactions, or we have to bend down to enter some door, chairs to small for us and many other interaction and other NPCs views on us depending on the customized looks players go for ,i have played many if games when going fr tall height and muscular custom looks there’s hardly any reaction to it that we seek most authors just add height or body type option which don’t have any impact on the npcs views and actions I see if it’s like that better not add any custom option​:skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::eyes:,i remember playing height was something 7’2 and burly when interacting with others NPCs they have no opinions or views according to our looks , even saw some line a small girl hugs us hands wrapping around our neck like wats the logic there’s no mention of mc lowering himself or girl being tall height it says small height girl ,

so wat I am saying is add interaction or views or opinions of the NPCs according to our custom looks not saying to go in depth details on the custom looks with every interaction like just add enough that makes logical and sense to players

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That’s the plan with the customizations; some should already adjust your initial starting stats, others will likely change the typical flavor text, but they may open up or close down some options with interactions, etc. Remember that the stats and height/build options you set in the character creation stage may not automatically translate into a huge, towering adult. The first book in the story deals primarily with the MC living life in the occupied village of Brimir’s Step and their life and story in their growth align with the first 4 acts of a typical 5 act story structure. So, in this initial act, infancy, you create your character and deal with contextual choices for an infant that will tweak your initial stats, personality, etc. Still, you could go a different way in the next stage, toddler. You may need to make a choice that had you making a decision to sit down and eat the food your mother placed in front of you or go explore something. Now, it could be if you sat down and ate your food like a good MC, your growth will continue on the path that you set initially, especially if you are a large baby, but you might not have the opportunity to learn something new, or gain a stat point in another stat. Tradeoffs, I mean to make the choices tradeoffs, and hopefully not clear-cut decisions. Does that make sense?

How many parts of the game have you planned till now :thinking: l

Acts? Or scenes? Or books?


I have basically all the major plot points plotted for the MC’s story line in Book 1, (subject to change because I’m tweaking things to make subplots work), I have the major plot points for 23 secondary characters plotted in Book 1. Book 2 has the major turning points for a typical 3 Act structure plotted, and some of the major plot points for major secondary characters in Book 2. Book 2 will revolve around more of the MC’s active participation in the rebellion, ascension inside the organization of the rebellion, and learning more about what the hell is going on. Book 3 again major plot points plotted, for the main story line and some of the major players. A rough idea of some of the endings to wrap this thing up nice and neat.

With those major plot points plotted throughout, I write toward those points, tweaking here and there, coming up with interesting branches that will still work within the branching structure of the medium. I read somewhere in a writing book that these act as signposts to get you from one point to another, which is how I approach them.

So like wat u meaning u gonna add a system like to get a specific custom looks? Fr eg - for getting muscular build u need enough exercise or food intake choices should be done something like that ? We can’t outright choose the customized looks :thinking:

I meant like these is Children of Iseir part 1 , so after completing this and posting it in choice of games , u gonna work on part 2 i thnk , like that how many gonna be there 3 r 4 ,5 :thinking:

If you want to play as a beast of a warrior, decimating dudes throughout the story, there should be trade-offs. You should need to make the decisions that get you to that point, sacrificing some stuff to become an absolute one-man/woman-wrecking crew. Now, that is not to say that if you create a hulk of a baby when you are an adult, you will be puny or that if you don’t choose the largest size at creation, you can’t grow into a beast; it’s just that you have a more significant opportunity to be that. However, I’m totally not against building out a system that lets you override what I have in mind; it may be tied to an achievement if you play through the growth of your character as intended; I’m absolutely not against creating something that can be enjoyed by people that want to play either way.

No, there are 3 Books planned. Currently, Book 1 is roughly going to be written in a 5 Act structure, so each is planned to have some inciting incident that gets stuff going, rising action, climax, and resolution. Kind of a roller coaster ride, however, because your character is a baby the action in the early stages is largely driven by some of the subplots, until you become old enough to make big decisions that affect the story world and then things flip-flop with the main plot driving the action, and the subplots taking the typical secondary role in the narrative. At least that’s the plan.

The main thing I meant was our custom looks and npcs interaction and dialogues between us , wat i mainly was referring to you was it would be good if you added enough interaction based on how we look, like fr eg mc went into a inn but can’t sit on chair due t huge size or people getting intimidating by it / or people noticing mc for being short or fat whatever looks mc has npc have special dialogue according to it and it should be maintained like that from beginning to end like that ,no need to have to much high detailed dialogue everywhere on mc looks just enough that you think should have or is suitable enough,

And to avoid scenes where a gaint mc gets hugged by a little girl where she wraps her arms around mc neck it would not be logical,so it might be like our mc has t bend down or pick her up something like that t get hugged

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