Chicago Slaughter: Basketball + SciFi Elements! (WIP) DEMO AVAILABLE! UPDATED 10/7

“Chicago Slaughter” (working title) is a goofy little game about some seriously wacky characters in one of the greatest basketball cities on the planet: Chicago, Illinois. Featuring - Beavis & Butthead style images!! :ok_hand::ok_hand:

You play as a successful European basketball coach who has been called in to coach the city’s World Basketball League team: The Chicago Slaughter. You’ll need to set up your life in the city, sign free agents, make the right in-game tweaks, and build the proper relationships to WIN… all while deciding if you want or even need to get the full story about what’s really going on in the city of Chicago, like this “bug” everyone keeps talking about that’s affecting your players riiiiight around playoff time… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • Designed to be played more than once. You’ll need to get several endings to get the full story behind the bug that’s infecting your players. You’ll also get a ton of new options with each character build, but the paths you walk are fairly hard to predict so good luck! (Save feature may be added in the future… want to test first)

Currently it’s about 60% complete. It’s 7 chapters at the moment, each of varying length (depends how you play.) Protip: Shop around after you get the job for a more lengthy experience! It’s not necessary… but it gets you more of the story and will def unlock things later in the game!

To play the demo, go HERE >>

Update 10/7: Sorry for the delay, but we’ve added a pic or two, and several more scenes! Taking you all the way through the halfway point of the season and adding a bit more “intrigue” to the story & the shady goings on of the major players in the city/organization. Let me know if you catch any bugs or have any issues/feedback whatsoever! I’d say we’re about 60% complete here… Quarter 3 & 4 are still in the works


Slav squat workouts for everyone!



I have a friend who does such a thing at EVERY photo op. He is polish. I’m a total n00b, can you tell me if I linked the demo right?


Yep it is working fine


Hahaha… I didn’t upload the stats screen. 🤦


No hate plez… not much of a B-ball fan, buuuutttttt…you got me on this bug thing. Soooo you just gained a reader :wink:


Yessssssssss! I’m trying to broaden the scope of this thing because I know the bball thing won’t have as wide of an appeal here. Trying to make it much more about interesting characters, narrative, and relationships! Something for everyone, I hope.

Seeing how this is basically a parody of Chicago Bulls, can we have the option to be at odds with Garpix? Because as a fan of Chicago Bulls, I can tell you for sure that most of the fans absolutely hates the management in real life. They even tried to have a petition to have them fired.

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Oh yes, you will choose your allegiance. And aligning yourself with “the city” is directly opposed to aligning yourself with management. Although that relationship metric isn’t quite developed yet (but it’s there if you look hard enough).

Side note: Also as a HUGE Bulls fan (I am from there and there are references from about 3 or 4 different eras in this already), I am a little bit more measured on this particular subject. I think Gar Forman and John Paxson are slightly above average and way better than anyone else we would get if we fired them. I detailed this in an EXTREMELY long blog post I wrote about 2 years ago on a shortlived blog I kept at, but unfortunately it looks like my domain registration has lapsed. :frowning: But suffice it to say we could probably talk about this for hours and they are far from perfect, but their track record is pretty much in line with the average GM in the league.

Edit: I am also excited for this season and how impressively quick this “rebuild” has happened. I’m in the minority here, but I’m calling a 7th or 8th place finish out East. Would not be shocked to see us lower, but this is reasonable (if optimistic).

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While it is true that they are just above average when it comes to the GM of a team, they have made some good choices (Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr immediately comes to my mind) but they also have a bigger share of bad decisions (signing Dwayne Wade, letting go of Rose and Noah, trading away some good players for draft picks but definitely not the Butler trade, we won on that one.) I am looking forward to what you will be writing in the story. Best of luck and I’ll be keeping my eye on this!

Edited: Also you have some amazing art in it. Really gives me a Beavis and Butthead feel to it lol

Yeah, it’s something I hear quite a lot from younger fans. Everyone’s totally entitled to their opinions, but the title of my article was “Fans Always Forget” because it’s very easy to forget that both those doodz have been involved with the org for like 25-30 years, haha. From players to announcers to scouts… it’s tough to argue that we know the game better than them. I would say drafting Jimmy Butler with the 30th overall pick was a good move, Taj at 26, all those 3rd string point guard signings, the “Baby Bulls era” bringing us back from the absolute worst team in the league post-Jordan, they had a hand in all of those times/eras. Those are just a few examples off the top of my head.

Trade-wise, yeah we get screwed an awful lot. And I could talk all day about how Krause and Reinsdorf still have a mark around the league, leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth when it comes to making trades with us. But truly most trades don’t end well and that lies on them for sure. But when you take a lead average… it’s something like 70% of draft picks and free agent signings never pan out (underperform), so it’s hard for me to say they are below average enough to deserve to be fired. But the 1st ranked team of the Eastern Conference just fired their coach this past offseason so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ haha.

Thanks, man. I hope I can make this fun and enjoyable for Bulls fans and non-basketball fans alike. I appreciate the discussion, truly! :slight_smile:

Edit: Didn’t mean to insinuate that you were something you were not or be disrespectful in ANY way, I promise!

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Oh it’s fine haha I can see where you’re coming from though. These younger fans like myself kind of holds the organization to a very high standard because of Jordan, Phil and the six rings during the 90’s. Every team basically has that like Lakers and Celtics, and for sure Warriors in the future whenever they break their core of the dynasty which probably won’t be happening for a long time. If you like to continue this without derailing this thread then I’m all for it.

Actually, thinking about this. You probably should add some smart alec fans that would be like this in the story to show the fans of the league. We got to see the business and the recruiting players side of the game itself in the demo. Just a suggestion, that’s all.

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Do you stats determine who you can sign or is it just what you choose to say to the player

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Yes they do! There are two small stat checks for booz & David. A BIG stat check for Washington and no stat check for Dunsun. You also get Dunsun if you strike out, making him the most likely so I know where to put most of my narrative efforts. The questions also matter, as you might have figured, with a -1, neutral (0) or +1 effect. You only need +1 in the end for all but Washington, who needs a +3.

hmmm interesting honesty I’ve been restarting just so I can sigh Washington but I can’t quite figure it out lol I got pissed and quit, but I’ll try again working with my coach shaded all the way with respect.

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You can do it and are on the right track! Its super hard, so sorry for frustrating you. :smirk:

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All in all, the respect build/route will be the toughest but most rewarding playthrough. Only for the true gamers out there. :muscle:

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I hope so lol…but may I ask for one hint. when choosing what to invest in which option gives you the most chances to gain respect…I get this feel like that you I may need 100 respect to get the signature I want

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Haha honestly I’m at a concert and not in front of the game files so I can’t recall off the top of my head, but I don’t believe you have to entirely max it out. Ill check when I’m home tmrw for ya and give you a freebie!

Edit: there are chances to gain respect in several smaller interactions too!

Looks awesome. Can’t wait for full game

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