Chicago Slaughter: Basketball + SciFi Elements! (WIP) DEMO AVAILABLE! UPDATED 10/7

Okay, TIPTIME! Your respect only has to be 50 BUT, your strategy is also a check for 30 or more. There are 4 possibilities to get +10 strategy post-interview questions, but one of them is a trade of -10 respect for +10 strat, so if you choose that one you’ll have to regain the respect.

Like I said, not meant to be easy! Here’s one tip for strat: Sit next to the “smiling lady” for an easy +10 strat!

THANK YOU i got it on my first try with the tip…Jesus man its’ damn near impossible to do it by yourself lol…this guy better average a triple double for this team I swear.

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I’m not sure where I’m going wrong with being unable to sign Harold. I had 30 strategy and 50 respect. Is there a certain set of responses that I need to click on?

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There is! If you have those stats, you should be able to sign him if you have the right answers. You have to get them ALL though.

Is there any way to have Garpix sign you for 5 mil? I’ve tried again and again but every time he decides I’m a idiot.

There is! You just need to max the “management” route. Only need 40 at that point and you’ll be on your way! You need to insist too when he puts up a fuss.

Great! Thanks for the info

@G1nsbergB3ats Can you add an option to not have image? Cause it constantly made me look like an idiot when opening the page on my phone in front of friends

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Thanks for the input! Yes, I definitely DO have plans to add an option to disable images. I wanted to get constructive feedback first. So, in that vein: What about the images made you seem like an idiot, exactly? Just not your cup of tea or was something off about the photos specifically?

Totally cool if you don’t like the images, art isn’t meant to be universal by any means. I personally love it, so very curious to see your response!

I would just say that it is a little bit too punkish…

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Duly noted. Just wanted to know if it didn’t fit the story or was offensive or something. The option will for sure be added in future iterations! For now, I want people to see them in case they have any useful feedback. Thanks for writing and hope you enjoy the snippet of the game!

Hey all, I know there’s been a bit of a lull, but it’s just me working on the game part of this, so it’s slow going sometimes. Several scenes were added and a mechanism to “simulate” basketball games up to the middle of the season. Let me know if you catch any issues or have any feedback! More art will be coming soon too, as will quarter 3 & 4 scenarios!

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