Character design, sketches, illustration


Hello everyone! I’m so happy to post here, because i love COG, and admire writers of such games! I wish i could write my own game someday, but unfortunately, my english leaves much to be desired.So envious… :slight_smile:
So i decided to offer my services here, to make some kind of contribution to text games.
Well, there you can see my works.
Price range from 10 to 40$

Inspiration is very important thing, so if you want me to draw something, feel free to describe as much as you wish. It will be very helpful. Inspiration is very contageous!
Also, i’d like you to comment on speed and quality of picture that you needed, as you understand it forms the price :slight_smile:
P.S You can contact me here or on site, but sometimes i can be absent on forum for a long time.


Hey there oro! It’s great to have you on CoG. You’re English is amazing as is and leaves for little to be worked on from what I see. As for your art, it’s a great contribution to the forums. With reasonable prices. Though I’ll admit my appraisal skill leaves much to be desired, especially when it comes to art.

They actually are quite well made, especially your sketched. When you note to comment on speed and quality of the picture, I understand the quality bit, but what are you meaning by speed? And how long have you been in the art business? Noting that you do illustrations, do you also handle landscapes and such?



Thank you, Arcania :slight_smile:
Well, i’m actualy did some artworks before, but nothing serious. Several sprites, portraits for indie games, even help with GUI design, because designer quit from project. It was hard time, i was one of such artist who stayed at the project till the end, so i used to learn how to draw different things: some pixel art(i hate animations), few backgrounds for visual novel. I had to switch styles of art (can’t say i was good at it), and cover many roles in the project.So, right now, i try to improve these minor skills, and with the progress, i will upload some of works. Right now, i personaly think, that these kind of work are not good enough to show.
About price, actualy, i’m too not so good appraiser, i hope it decent enough.
Regarding speed, i mean, time limitation for artwork to be drawn. Obviously, it’s more expensive then it need to be done in shorter period of time.
P.S. Maybe i update this post after soon after adding some other type of works.