Chapter Markers

Hi sorry for a lot of the starter questions, but this one is really a matter of etiquette. Do some people use titles at the beginning of their chapters, and if so what would be the generally accepted format to use for them? Would you use bold, or other punctuation to make it stand out? E.g. a couple of examples

[CHAPTER 1 - GENESIS]/[Chapter 1 - Genesis]
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

=Chapter 1 - Genesis=
In the beginning God created […]

Chapter 1. Genesis.
In the beginning God created […]

I think bolding them stands out easily. Some authors will also make image files with chapter headers written in a larger font.

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Personally? Images. A small design and a good font (probably with a little touching up) and you’ve got something much better to break up solid text. Baring that though, bold works well to make them very obvious and eye catching.


Have you got an example?

Redemption Season’s chapter titles are well done IMO.


Sabres of Infinity has them as well.