Changing Title in TextEdit

All right guys so I’ve been working on changing the title of my game for about half an hour and have looked through many other threads but no matter what i do something isn’t working how it should. After I get the file edited in TextEdit on my Mac, I go to open the index.html in firefox and it displays it as simple text. It doesn’t even have my game uploaded into it like it does when I don’t edit it. Another thing is when I open the index file in TextEdit I don’t see the coding that a lot of threads talk about. I see the text as if I opened it in Microsoft Word. Please let me know if there’s something I’m doing wrong or am missing. Thanks

I don’t have a Mac but a quick google of your problem brought up the following:

Go to TextEdit --> Preferences… and choose “Open and Save”. You’ll see:

The key is the first option under “When opening a file”: you want to check Ignore rich text commands in HTML files. Check that option, then quit TextEdit.

Now, open up the HTML file again, and here’s what you’ll see:


I hope that helps, the second image is what you should see when people talk about “code”.