Champion of the Gods


I’m pretty sure I was able to stay with the prince in every one of my playthroughs without him dying. Also, he never kills himself @ParrotWatcher when you pursue the general, he just dies because his mother, the queen, decided to renounce the goddess (i forget her name) that watches over the city (forget that name too) .

I was really disappointed with the romance between the MC and the General. Just not much.


My mistake. I never tried the general, but heard he died if you did; I must have just assumed suicide.

But as I said, the game seems pretty much written with “you stay with the prince” in mind. It was the shepherd I was complaining about losing… :disappointed:


Yea I was kinda sad about it, actually. I was pretty envious of what the General and the Prince had at first, especially when they had the audacity to get a little passionate in the open :open_mouth: (wait until I gossip to the maids about that one), but I really didn’t think the prince deserved to die, especially because of things not really involving him…

I have no idea as to why we never really got to romance the shepherd much. My first few playthroughs, I was confused as to why I couldn’t keep romancing them. I was really worried that he was the one and only romanceable option :sweat_smile: But still, I didn’t really like them. They always seemed so cold and distant, apathetic almost, to my advances :disappointed:


Hi guys. I was aiming to get Deceiver of the Gods achievement in my second playthrough. I killed the God of Chaos. Destroyed the destiny. And when I have returned to Goddes of Dead, I lied to her. But I didn’t get the achievement. What should I?


The achievement so far

Defeat boar
Defend your village
War patronage
Love patronage
Defy love
Defeat the dweller
Victory in caval canyon
Defeat the keeper
Escape from the tide cave
Most romantic partners
Survive underworld
Divine intervention