Champion of the Gods Fanworks

I admit, I did like the idea and story behind Champion of the Gods, even if some the mechanics were a little wonky. I was also pleased when I found out a sequel was in the works.

Anyways, I hope to commission some fanart of my champion in the future, along with her princess.

However, I felt like doing an alternate reason why my Champion might have chosen to betray the gods.

Xanthe stepped of the chariot, the warmth of Arkadis a welcome relief after her journey into the kingdom of the dead. Awaiting her was the assembled throngs of deities, but

there was no sign of happiness among them. Xanthe sighed, and ran her hand through her hair, momentarily stopping when her fingers brushed up against the gold circlet Merena

had her wear.

“It appears,” Cephiel, Goddess of Wisdom, "Our champion was unable to stop the fall of destiny. Fortunately, Daggoras’ will not profit from such a turn of events for we felt

his death, even out here."

“Give credit where credit is due,” Xanthe said, her tone angry but weary, “Yes, destiny fell, but I did it, not Daggoras.”

A collective gasp filled the air as their champion admitted her actions.

“As if your betrayal was unexpected,” hissed Merena, Goddess of the Dead.

Atesia, Goddess of Love, put a closed fist to her mouth, and said “But…but that should have been impossible. The circlet…”

“Enough,” said Merena, gesturing for Atesia to be silent.

“No, let her finish,” Xanthe said, refusing to be cowled by the goddesses and gods before her, “Atesia was going to say betrayal was impossible, wasn’t she?”

Xanthe’s lips curled into an angry smile. She removed the gold circlet, and tossed it to the ground where it clattered at Merena’s feet.

“Even now, all you do is show contempt for mortals,” Xanthe growled, "I knew you were going to do something to compel my obediance. After you forced me to divulge Daggoras’

name, I knew you would do anything to control me."

Xanthe’s glance met Cephiel’s, recalling how the goddess of wisdom mesmerized her, and coaxed the name of the god who tried to end her life so many years before.

“So it doesn’t take a sage to realize the circlet you forced upon me would dominate my mind,” Xanthe continued, "It only shows how foolish you were. Since I wanted Daggoras’

death as well, your little toy didn’t work. You never specified how I should achieve my goals…so it was a simple matter of letting Daggoras’ inflict his damage upon the skein

of fate, and then kill him when it was…pardon the pun…hanging by a thread."

Haxen, God of War, gave out a loud roar at this insolence, and raised his war-axe high and rushed towards Xanthe. Though the god was twice her height, Xanthe easily danced

aside from the falling axe. The axe buried itself deep into the floor, and Haxen futilely tried to pull it out, but to no avail. With the precious seconds this gave her,

Xanthe pulled her sword from its scabbard, and took a swing at Haxen’s right leg…only to have the war god scream in pain and terror as Xanthe’s blade separated his leg at the

knee. Haxen dropped, his hands trying to stymie the flow of godly ichor oozing from his wound.

“It…it’s not healing…” howled Haxen, tears flowing from his face.

“Nor will it,” said Cephiel, "This was the sword which cut the last strand of fate. This was the sword which killed the god of chaos. It drank of death, and was changed by


“And if you don’t behave, I will cut off your other leg Haxen,” Xanthe growled, causing the other deities to take an involuntary step back.

Xanthe chuckled at the action, and said "No matter was else I might say, at least Daggoras’ was willing to chance death for his goals. I can respect that. None of you

cowards…" Outrage filled the deities’ faced at the insult, but they maintained a healthy distance as Xanthe continued, “…were willing to risk your divinity, were you?”

Atesia took a tenative step forward, drawing Xanthe’s attention to her, “I have a simple question, Champion.”

“What is that?” Xanthe said.

Atesia moistened her lips, then asked, “Why? Why betray us? If power is what you sought…”

Xanthe shook her head, chuckling dryly, "You claimed me as your chosen, but you no so little about me. I didn’t destroy fate for power; my gifts already make me the envy of

those around me. Fame? Riches? Status? Please. I was perfectly content to stay in Oneisia as a simple guard…but that decision was forced from my hands."

“That still doesn’t answer my question” Atesia said with an edge to her voice.

“Remember the first time we spoke,” Xanthe explained, “You said that as home, I would have to leave someone else behind…the person nearest, and dearest to me?”

“Chara, the shepherdess” volunteered Atesia, “And was I wrong?”

“No, you were not,” Xanthe said darkly.

“It isn’t like she would be the only one for you…” Atesia continued, only to stop when Xanthe gave a short, sharp laugh.

“What do you find so amusing?” Atesia asked, annoyed.

“The Weavers said there would be no other in my life like her,” Xanthe answered.

“This…this can’t be true…can it?” Atesia said, though more to herself than anyone.

“When have you ever known me to lie?” Xanthe grimaced, “No, the Weavers tied my love to her, and no other. After all, if I proved rebellious, all they would have to do is manufacture a threat to her and I would tow the line.”

“And you thought destroying fate would win back her love?” said Cephiel, “Surely you can’t think that.”

Xanthe grimly shook her head, “That ship has sailed. She…she is happily married to someone else, and I can only wish her the best. Atesia, do you recall when you said love could inspire someone to risk the greatest danger?”

“Yes,” the goddess of Love said hesitantly.

“What would you do if you were promised a lifetime of heartbreak, of regret, from forces beyond your control?” Xanthe asked.

“I would look to escape it,” Atesia answered, “And the only way…would be to destroy fate.”[/spoiler]