Cause Of Death, Surviving High School - The more successful choose-your-adventure game on iOS


Well, if I am not wrong Surviving High School had its roots way back in 2006, 2007 or something as a game on Moblie Phone by “Centerscore”.
Then they get popular with the “tv-style” paying method and got bought out by EA.
And now they have funding and fans, and somewhere along the way the same team use the same engine to produce Cause Of Death.

Say, what do you think of it?
It is a tad more linear, but I guess to be weekly-episodic it is hard not to have a linear story.
At least the writing is consistently nice, and in both game the music and the graphics make it a tad more immersive;
especially Cause Of Death.

I’d recommend it to anybody who liked CoG games;
it is quite a different experience though, more like “You play as these bunch of NPCs” instead of “You make your own character”.


I fully enjoyed Surviving Highschool. My only wish was that there was a gay option. It was hard hitting on girls, when you prefer the hunky football player. :X


NPC is abbreviation of Non-player character :wink:


I play both games, make sure you play the now airing episodes as well (espically for cause of death) cause there the continuations.


Well, considering in Cause Of Death it is more like

“You are random girl A.”
Make your Choice!

  1. Struggle <- Is the only choice

“You die.”

Yes, I consider them NPCs, however they are likable.


I play Surviving Highschool all the time, and only recently did I hear about Cause of Death. Both are very fun, and Cause of Death had unsuspecting twists alot. I need to catch up on a few episodes so that’ll probably take a while.


I play both Surviving High School and Cause of Death, however, recently I’ve started to loose intereset for various reasons.

Survivng High School: I like the game, but I’m starting to loose interest because of the lack of ability to play the charactor you created. (Remember that guy? the veeeerrrryyyyy first game it lets you play? yeah, that one.) While it’s fun to be able to play as different people, I think that it would have been more fun if you had more playing time as your charactor. Too me, it feels too structured. I do like how you get to meet new people, while at the same time you get a sense of most of the charactors. The charactors also seem realilistic, which is good.

Cause of Death: I really like the mystery and the detective work that they player has to do. It’s a lot of fun. I’m probably not going to play it anymore, though. WARNING! CONTIANS SPOILERS! IF ANYONE HASN’T COMPLETED THE LATEST EPISODE (BROKEN HEARTS PART 1) AND PLANS TO, SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!. That being said, really? Really?! I’m sorry, but a bad guy targeting the two FBI trained( and backed), just-took-down-the-maskmaker-and-revealed-major-scandel cops? REALLY?!? After what happened at the end of the last “season”, it is just too much. Ahem. Anyways…

Although I enjoy (more or less) SHS and CD, personally I’d take and Choice of __ over them any day. While the graphics of SHS and CD are appealing, the player has much less control over what happens. I’ve found in a few instances where my first reaction wasn’t the “right choice”. Choice of __ gives the player much more control over the story, plot, and charactors, and doesn’t force the player down one pre-destined path.

Sorry guys. I didn’t mean for this to become a bash SHS and CD rant. I do enjoy them, but they definentally have flaws, in my opinion. They’re fun for a little while, but Choice of __ has much more substance. (and after the events of the last episode of CD, I needed to get that out.)

@ Laytonia- Actually, the game is much newer than that. I started playing SHS around when it first came out last year (sometime. It may have been 2009, I don’t exactly remember).


I love both games and SHS was the first game i ever bought on my ipod and it is that old @thesupercutandfuzzy like 2007-2008. That game was great when I was younger but now its getting a bit repetitive by just having the same stories with different characters. I much prefer CoD and have played every episode there is (i know sad, right) My only criticism for this game is GET MAL AND NATARA TOGETHER ALREADY gosh! :slight_smile:


Any other games like these? For PC or Android? Running out of Choice of Games to play.


I preferred Surviving Highschool but they needed more “Build your own character” Stories other than, the NPC route. When I played it with the NPCs it felt a bit less personal, I love roleplaying but if it’s a character I haven’t built or one I know little to nothing about, it quickly looses it’s hold for me. They should definitely put more starting scenarios for building your own charrie.


I like both games, but I’ve tended to prefer Cause of Death.


I like shs more but on an earlier comment why can’t u be gay instead but I also hate the fact that you can’t be your character after the first game


Really hope mal turn up in centerscore one day as he say he should go and see danni and raven ps really would like move game as myself


any way to play it online
cant afford a ipad phone thing lol


@ashley916 No. I have both, but you only get one free episode for both per week, and the rest (which seem REALLY good) you have to pay for.


that blows
guess ill have to jack yours shintaro :slight_smile:


Used to play surviving high school waaaay back in the day. My complaints are pretty much the same people have been saying, that you don’t get to play as your character past the first episode, (I’ve seen a sequel episode to the football one though). It’d be one thing if they’d occasionally release a longer, life simmy episode every now and then but they tease you then switch to the linear story they want to tell with characters you may or may not care about.


Someone uploaded this soundtrack. It has 9 tracks.


I remember playing the mobile version of the game back when I was actually in high school (2007)
It was originally harder than it is now because events happened in random order so the game was never the same.
The art was way more basic and the mini games were harder too.
You can’t get it anymore as far as I know. Too bad
I would buy that old version just to remember being a kid


I played them, I never finished them. There isn’t much control over the character and I tend to end up steering away from those types. I prefer CoG over those by a long shot. They are more personal to me than what the other ones were.