Case of Peter Blagojevitz (WIP) (Updated 29/01/2020)

I never thought about it that way. But yes, when switching names between writing systems there must be some degree of translation. Especially with Chinese or Arabic writing systems. Between Latin and Cyrillic script most characters match. If not with English then with some other Latin alphabet.

At least over here, the rule is that you do not translate proper names except for those of royalty and other historical figures, so that book would have been correct.

Nope that book was not right as it was published in 1900. When I was going to school we were thought that he was Luj XV and sometimes it was spelled Louis XV. So when I asked my teacher who this Louis was, he said that it is the same name it is just sometimes written as the way we pronounce the name (Luj) and sometimes it was spelled right (Louis). It was very confusing for me at the time so I just prefer to use the original names.
Just to clear up any confusion when I say “we” I mean me and other people from my country.

Hello your local Slavic brainlet here, this is gonna sound weird as all hell

But I managed to earn both a broken rib, bent ankle, and a fractured knuckle

Just don’t even ask at this point

Regardless of my physical condition I should be able to get out an update by Friday


Aiyiyi! :fearful:

At least tell us you’re in a warm, clean and comfortable place? Rest easy, and keep an eye out for the signs of possible infection. Got it?

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I’m currently in a hospital but should be getting out tomorrow or the day after


Get well soon! (I believe that is the correct expression.)


So I’ve practically disappeared for a few months for the simple reason that, what was supposed to be a visit ended in me being held in quarantine in a foreign country. I’m 8 seconds away from defenestrating my supposed friends . Fun.


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