Can't save ANY of my games

So… a few days ago I was trying to save my game in a few differents books (Heroes Rise, Way of Walkers, etc.) And after I hit send it starts Loading and redirects me to the “Play Again” page and when i try to find my game on the sequel it doesn’t shows my saved game!! So I wanted to ask if this was a problem on CoG end, on my phone or a region problem. I know there are a few threads about it but they simply talk about Heroes Rise and I’m having the problem on all the games with save feature.

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Send an email to the choice of games support email address and detail out the issues as well as what platform you own the games on, and your saved game email address. (That’s a thing?). Sounds like it could be an issue with the save server, which is on Choice of Games end.

Ok, thanks I will do that.

Thanks @FairyGodfeather, my problem is now fixed although I didn’t really followed your advice… anyway, Can a mod please close this topic?

May I ask Why you reopened it?