Can't post my Demo


There’s still no word on an official fix for either of the bugs affecting the compilation process, but after some tweaking I seem to have managed to circumvent both of them through automatic edits in the compile process itself. This isn’t ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

EDIT: The compile code that ships with the Choicescript-master zip seems to work now. Though I’ll leave this link/version up for anyone who likes the scene list GUI and IE support(?).

In English: Basically try replacing your version of compile.html with this one:

If you do that you *shouldn’t* need to implement any of the fixes mentioned on this page, it should work straight out of the box (please let me know if it doesn’t!).
It also features a sort of experimental GUI thing I wanted to try which lists the scenes that compile can find automatically and then gives you a chance to add any more before clicking compile.