Cannot read property 'crc' of undefined


Hey guys! I’ve been working on my story and when I launch it through index it works like a charm, however when I compile it I keep getting this error "Cannot read property ‘crc’ of undefined (Chrome). And in fire fox it shoots out “Result is undefined.” What baffles me is that this works with Index.html, just when I compile it shoots out these errors after the first scene ends. Any suggestions?


Wait why would you compile it? Is that some terminology for some step?


If you compiled it without some of your scenes you will get that error. Make sure you check over to see that all of your scenes are in the mygame.js and if they are, it should work properly after you compile it again. I hope this helps! :smile:


You need to include all your scenes in mygame.js or under the *scene_list command.


Thanks for helping out guys! I really appreciate it. I double checked my scenes and I still keep getting the same error. Im going to post my scene_list, scene file, and compile file. Im sure im just being an idiot, sorry for taking your time


If you check the compile log it’s actually only finding the three default files, are you using the right directory (inside the mygame folder)?


Hahah oh man, so the reason it wasn’t working was because there was a space after *scene_list. I don’t even know how it got there. Thank you so much!


Ah what a boundary case that is, glad you found it anway as I never would’ve guessed!
I’m not quite sure whether or not this behaviour is a bad thing though.

What do you think @dfabulich ?
If you remove the $ from the regex at line 99 in compile.js, that will ‘fix’ this - should you want to.
In fact, it probably doesn’t want any of those (gim) modifiers either.


Agreed. (I replaced the $ with a \b just to be safe.)

The latest version on github will now work even with a trailing space after *scene_list.