Can you get a CoG on a certain platform for free if you already bought it on another platform?

For example,let’s say I bought Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven on my phone and,for whatever reason,I want it on my PC from Steam.Is there any way to do this?

I think you’d have to email the company with your receipt of purchase?

You would need to purchase it again.

However if you want access to it on the main website, when you’ve already bought it for your phone, you can email your receipts to them and ask.


How would I go about emailing reciepts?

I lost my smartphone about three or four months ago which had all of my HG purchases on it, through google play. Does google play keep a record of purchases? How would I go about proving purchase on a lost device?

I’ve no idea.

Google Play does record all purchases. Maybe you could screenshot the screen or something? Send CoG an email and ask.

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Your google account carries over all you have purchased with it. I have changed of mobile a lot so I know it for certain

Do you know if, with my google account, games I have previously purchased can be downloaded to a different device for no additional charge?

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed you need to login with your email from the other phone in google play store and go to “my applications and games”, there you’ll find everything


You ninja me lol. :wink: Yes you just need login with your Google account and looking your purchases or if not goin to google game app to download it again If you purchased it reads download again not purchase it.

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You just need to log in and go to your account in Google play, there you will have a record of your purchase. Just make a print screen of the list and send it to CoG.

I almost have a question that branches off of the OPs question. Why is it that some games that I can download from my google play for free, and then I can restore my purchase if I were to buy the game directly from choice of games website, but other games require me to buy the game before downloading it to my phone?

Hello. I bought 7th Sea via Steam. I live in Turkey and unfortunately USD is really expensive here but steam gives us discount. While 7th Sea costs 39.99 Turkish Liras on Appstore it only costs 10 Turkish Liras on steam. So I bought the game from steam but I will be away from my computer for a while, is there any way for me to play it on my phone?

Thanks in advance.

The only way you can is to email the receipt to CoG: support(at)choiceofgames(dot)com in order to access it from the choice of games website, here’s for CoG titles and Hosted Games titles. You have to use internet data on mobile to play online from the mobile browser though.

Other than that, you have to purchase it again on other platforms like in Google Play and App Store.

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As said above, the only way is to forward the receipt to the support (support at choiceofgames etc).

And overview is here:

You can include multiple receipts in one mail and it takes about 1-3 days till they are unlocked (depending on how busy people are)

Good luck