Can I see the code of the games I bought on my android in the PC? If I buy a game on the PC, can I play it on my android?

Well, that’s pretty much it. I’ve bought some games on my android, but I want to mess with the code (to learn about coding and to change some stats… :grin:) and I have absolutly no idea of how to do it on my phone. So I want to know if I can use them on my PC, be it by downloading from some other source (preferably not paying twice for the same game), be it by using some program to access whatever files I need to be able to see the coding or by any other methods that haven’t occured to me.
Also, if there is no way to solve my problem, can I at least play the games I buy on the PC in my android? And and and, if I buy the games on the website, can I play them offline?

P.S.: I AM able to change the code of the games I buy, right?

For the information you’re looking for, check the threads linked to below.


Running application which are made for one platform on the other is quite much of possible. But there’s need of a software which makes this possible such software is called emulator.

For eg. Playing Playstation games is possible on PC via emulators. Similarly, Bluestack (which I personally use) makes it possible to play Android games on PC.
However, there is no known (at least to me) emulator made which can make it possible to play pc games on Android. It make come in existence but not arrived any yet.

Hope this helped! :slight_smile: