Newbie question help?


so i bought a lot of games from CoG
but because of limited storage on my android I have to ask,
can I play the game I bought on my android on my laptop?
since I purchase it trough my e mail.
like can I play it on this site by proving that I’ve bought the game from my gmail account?
any help greatly appreciated.


Hmm, if you do, you’re laptop will catch on fire :confused: I know, it sucks


You’d have to contact @jasonstevanhill and provide some proof that you purchased the games, and he should credit you the games so that you can play them online. I can’t actually guarantee that’s what’ll happen, but I’m pretty sure that’s the policy.


Is there any results?)


There’s a free android emulator for windows called BlueStacks. You should be able to use that to play/read anything you’ve bought.


Nope, I can redownload the game for free and re play it again on my android but no result to play on computer/laptop online. sadly


Hm… Don`t be sad. Regardless, you can choose only 1 type and play it as you now have much free time without games. you can spend it for anything useful)


I see you both completely missed my last post.


@stainedofmind is right, bluestacks is a free emulator that should allow you to play whatever is on your android on the PC instead.

But, I would have thought stuff bought on the Android would be available via Google+? Or are they both different stores? O_o


Sorry, I`ve already see it) :grinning: :grin: