Can a tablet be used to create game

I need help on how to use a tablet to create my own game, I don’t know what app to use after extracting the choiceScript zip?

If you are talking about this zip I’, not sure if it works on another SO other than Windows or Mac.

Here you can find some helpful things to star digging and learning.

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Yes, you can I only write in tablets and mobiles. But It’s not the best solution.


CSIDE has a web version that (most likely) works on tablets. There might be some sizing issues and I can’t guarantee functionality/glitchiness (unlikely given that CJW is quite skilled), but it’s your best option.

If we go to the very basic root of your question, you can create a game with anything that lets you write .txt documents.

However, certain comodities would certainly help in doing so, like how an HTML writing app colors the tags like and so you can see them clearly between the text and so you can check theyre properly closed.

So yeah. If you can write a txt you can create a game. But whether a program works or not… no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it is possible to create a game using choicescript on a tablet or any type of mobile device but it’s not always the best way to create a game cause there’ll be a lot of bugs in your game.

Therefore I recommend you use a Laptop/PC or Computer.

I hope I was able to help😁

The game is probably done already by now. :rofl:

@Sid0 I thought as much but there’s no harm in helping a person in need of… you know help.

Better late than never I guess :sweat_smile:

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