Camp B9-42: Cursed History (WIP) (CHAPTER 2 OUT) (28/11/18)



Not to be provocative, but why is everyone so “worried” about this WIP using historical facts?

I agree that it should not be classified as a young adult fiction, but I see no problem in advertising the romatic options.

I agree, please do not censor anything is difficult to find someone willing to write darker themes


in short ? because of the holocaust reference, which is a subject that is very sensible when it come to addressing it seriously, i’m not really worried about historical accuracy though so maybe i just missinterpreted other people’s worry


Why not make it optional instead of just saying no? I don’t understand.


Because, as I said, I have no idea how much it’s going to be. I would say optional if it weren’t a lot, but it could also be a completely unnecessary gross amount that should probably be toned down. So maybe I should’ve said Other, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? Only like four people chose tone it down.


I think the poll is misleading, though it may not be intended that way. Firstly, it presents the question as if the only “questionable” aspect is that it will contain rape or murder at all, ignoring that most of the previous concerns (mine included) have to do with the apparent trivialization of real-world events. It’s also something we can’t make an informed decision about because all we know so far is that rape and murder will be included, not how detailed the portrayals are going to be or how these things will interact with the narrative. Secondly, the poll implies that the only way to “keep true to the heart of the story” is to change nothing about the game or what the creator intended, as if censoring (in the blacked-out REDACTED sense) is the same as being judicious in your writing. This is, again, something we can’t evaluate since the demo is very short and we don’t know anything about the plot except what the very short summary says.

In full disclosure, I didn’t vote in the poll for the reasons above. Additionally, the way it’s set up makes me think that you don’t want to change anything from the way you originally imagined it, which is fine. It’s your game, after all, and you’re the one who decides how you want it to go. That said, if you aren’t actually open to input, it seems a little disingenuous to put up a poll at all.


I don’t have a problem with input, it’s just that i’m rather new to coding and am not exactly sure how to code it so you do have that option. I think for now i’m gonna leave everything in and if i do decide to want it to be published then i’ll add in that option


Other BECAUSE… Yes, it is a sensitive topic for many reasons however, if you put a “Trigger Warning” at the very beginning, you should be fine to be true to the story.


My God, I understand the part of the rape and such, but are you really complaining about him talking about the holocaust?


I’m referring to the Trump administration’s immigration policy and the game drawing a brief but explicit comparison between that policy and the Holocaust, which should be obvious given my first post above. I haven’t said anything like “Don’t talk about the Holocaust” or “Don’t make a game with parallels to the Holocaust”; see my previous posts, which were pretty clear about the fact that I’m interested in seeing where the game’s narrative goes, said parallels being clearly central to that narrative. In addition to questions about history and its relevance to a historically-influenced game, I think the example itself is oddly-placed and that it’s probably not necessary, being a poor illustration of the whole “History repeats itself” idea in the context of both the historical example that precedes it and the fictional example that follows. Again, as I said in my first post.


Well I understood your point and I agree that it does not compare to the holocaust (Not from afar) but as far as I know this policy was the last time something like that came on the news. (If you have an example please forgive my ignorance)


Right now as many as a million Uighurs in NW China have been rounded up in reeducation camps intended to suppress their Muslim faith and turn them into loyal CCP subjects.


As I had said, forgive my ignorance and thank you for giving me this information.


Seems interesting though not enough to form an oppinon. The writing is good I will be anticipating the next update. Good luck


Sorry about the late update to the game. I finally got done with my end of year exams and am now fully available to write and get on with this project, so start to expect weekly updates.

Again feedback and suggestions are welcome.


Is the chapter supposed to end in this part? Or is it the forever loading screen bug?


Great job so far on the demo though. The plot got me hooked and I really really like lucy so far :heart_eyes:


Yeah that’s where it ends sorry, I can’t seem to get it to go back to the start or finish.


Thank goodness. I thought it was my internet. I kept trying to get past that and just couldn’t.


Yeah sorry about that🙏


No harm done lol it was really short but enough to make us want more. Good luck on your progress on this one!


Thank you very much!