Burdens to Bear (Updated 16/09/29)

Hi there I still exist despite evidence to the contrary. Some people know me as Apollo if you’re active on tumblr but you might also recognise me from another wip on here by the name of Regrets of the Traitor. That is still on-going and in fact there will be an update later this week. I digress, however.

Due to a need for something other than that project, I’ll be cycling between the two simply because I don’t work well just focusing on one project at a time. Now, onto the story.

You’re a mercenary with a bounty on your head and many secrets to hide, but in a world at war that’s nothing special. The current job should be easy enough; meet your contact, deliver the package, profit, but little do you know that you’re about to meet an old friend. And be pulled back into a past you thought you’d long since forgotten.

It’s a vague synopsis but it’ll do for now until I come up with something better. The genre of the game is fantasy though it’s less of a world-saving game rather than a more personal tale of found family and running from responsibility.

  • Play as one of four non-human races.
  • Choose between at least four different classes (still seeing how viable it would be to give more options)
  • Choose an alias to go by, each with their own skills and personal history.
  • Uncover the secrets of your past or reject them at your own peril.

Unlike in my other game, all love interests are bi or pansexual, and most have genders that fluctuate depending on player choice. Some are as follows;

Sly: Male, 42, pansexual, werewolf. A hunter who works out of the perilous Whisperwoods. He’s stoic and quite dangerou-looking, at least that’s how he comes across, but those that know him simply know that he’s just a man who likes the peace of the forest rather than the thrill of the hunt.

Azelia: Female, 26, bisexual. One of the bounty hunters who have been on your trail for weeks. She is dangerously overprotective of her brother but otherwise has a calm head on her shoulders.

Lonan: Male, 26, bisexual. The other bounty hunter after you, Lonan is the brother of Azelia. Unlike his sister, he is a young man who hides behind a mask of perpetual anger.

Shank: male/female/nb, 38, pansexual, naga. A pirate captain who is firm with their crew but fair, killing only when necessary and good at making calculated decisions. What is most remembered by their crew, however, is the big toothy grin they always seem to have.

Jean: male/female/nb, 24, human? The middle child of a minor lord, they are naive to the world and can be quite clumsy. Somehow, they are smitten with the mc.

There’s more but this’ll do for now.

There is already a working demo: https://dashingdon.com/go/4540

Update Log

Very small update today, mostly so I don’t need to worry about fixing or adding anything until later on. What I added and fixed is:

  • Finished up the descriptions in the alias selection
  • Added coding and a description to the final choice available in the demo
  • Some misc additions and fixes that don’t particularly have much bearing on the game as a whole.
What's next?

In the next update, I will be changing a few things. Hopefully.

  • Probably the stats screen but that isn’t a priority
  • Fixing some discrepancies in the the script.
  • fixing typos and grammar errors.
  • continuing the chapter.

This is amazing! I loved Regrets of the Traitor and now I have another WIP of yours to love! Just my luck, too. I was searching for another WIP to read and now I find this fantastic piece of work.

If you don’t mind me asking, are the Lovum humanesque with a few scales or covered with scales entirely? And what about the Cyrdae? It says they have fur and claws. I’m playing the Grim right now, but I think I might end up playing all races.


Howdy! My goodness this is awesome! Ahhh the creativity at play here is just…ahhhhh! The Cyrdae are probably my favorite because of how unique they are. And wearing animal masks is a plus. And hey! I’m all for being a scaled creature! All in all, this was just as awesome if not more so than regrets of the traitor. Stay Coo, alright?


The Cyrdae mask idea is very cool.


goddammit i’m having flashbacks to Hotarubi no Mori e


I love this so far!

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Wow, this is truly amazing! I’m definitely looking forward to more! Not having a human option threw me off a bit because every WiP I’ve read has one, but I was surprised to find that not being a human like I’m used to was better than I thought. The races were well thought out and explained. I especially enjoy the Grims and Cydrae. Your writing was also smooth and kept me interested til the end of the demo. Keep up the amazing work!


Sounds so awsome I will give it a go

I’m really glad you’re enjoying both of my WIPs! All the races are humanoid. The Lovum do have scales all over their bodies, and they function much like reptiles just in general. As such there is very little sexual dimorphism in the race. Still, they do appear mostly human even despite the scales and such. Cyrdae, while furred and clawed mostly have human features. Their faces mostly have very little fur and their ears are pointed, but other than some fangs and occasionally a tail, they are pretty much just small elves.

I’m glad you’re interested in all of the races, though. In future I will be adding more flavour text based on the chosen race but for now it’ll be fine.

@Pigeon Ahh I’m really glad that people enjoyed the demo so far, even if it is quite short.

Oh… Oh no. I am suddenly reminded of it.

@heavens_way_out I understand being a bit confused by the no humans thing but I’m glad I was able to change your mind about it somewhat. I personally have always liked the idea of a game or something of the sort where being human isn’t an option and it plays into the plot as well so.


I enjoyed what you have so far and can’t wait to see where this goes.

My only critique would be to have a brief description of each race before the player chooses so they do not have to restart if they didn’t like the race they chose


My only critique would be to have a brief description of each race before the player chooses so they do not have to restart if they didn’t like the race they chose

yeah do this, or maybe have a “are you sure you’re this race” after the description in an extra page after you make a choice.

also a question from me, is the reflection spirit thing an ro?

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Okay I’ll see what I can do about that in the next update.

Yes, yes she is.


I really like what I’ve read so far.
I did encounter an error though, which kept me from continuing. chapone line 571: Non-existent variable ‘v_intimacy’

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Howdy once more! I am still very much in love with this game.
Alas, I found this lil error here;

Anywho, I can hardly wait for what’s to come!
Have yourself a super cool Pigeon filled day.

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@hilite @Pigeon Both of your problems should be resolved.Sorry for getting back to you really late.


Licking her lips before speaking, the woman gently closes the folder, pushing it to the side. “It is rare to see one such as yourself around these parts,” She begins delicately, not quite looking you in the eyes.

“Your people rarely travel alone, correct? I’m sorry, we’re just not accustomed to seeing any Child of Earth quite so far West.” You can feel the fire in your belly begin to heat as you struggle to maintain your calm facade. Your dagger hand twitches, grasping for your weapon at such a thought. It used to be that your people were all over the land, but nowadays you usually stick to your own poverty-stricken areas if you decide to settle down. Still, she continues, her eyes glancing down briefly to search for your name. “I can’t say we’ve had any Tricksters in the city before. Don’t your people usually stick to the woods?” Suddenly, you’re glad your mask hides the sneer crawling across your features, your claws making crevices in your furred little hands as you clench them. ‘Tricksters…’ She says that as if she doesn’t share the same ancestors. But just because your people can be territorial, you’re reduced to nothing but a creature of mischief. Still, she continues, her eyes glancing down briefly to search for your name. “We’ve never had a Death Walker in our walls before. I hope your stay has been uneventful,” And there it is; the assumption that you bring nothing but death wherever you roam. Your occupation aside, you don’t think you’ve ever been the cause of such chaos. The entire thought might make you angry if you weren’t just tired of it all. Social isolation has brought you nothing if not the ability to brush such things off. Still, she continues, her eyes glancing down briefly to search for your name

Seems like this section has not been coded properly as the woman refers to mc as three different races. (I chose the trickster species)

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No problem! Thanks for the fix.

Okay thanks that should be fixed now!


I love it I hope you’re still continuing the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this WIP and im looking forward to more have to say love the grim so much already there is just something about being connected to the dead that really pleases me.