Bug with Tin Star - help?

So, I have been playing Tin Star, finally… and with my luck, I actually stumbled upon something that seems to be a bug, or well, a coding error, rather. And it’s a quite annoying one considering the path I’m following, and now I’m a bit stuck and I don’t know what to do.
So, obviously, I’ve sent an e-mail to the support adress, but I’m not sure how fast do these thing get fixed usually? And well, I guess there’s no workaround for that? Like, I know some people cheat in these games and alter the stats they have - maybe the same technique could allow me to fix that temporarily so I can continue playing, but I don’t know how to do that so yeah…

Details of the issue:

Basically, it’s in chapter 3, when finding a solution to the conflict between the mining camp and the Indians. The outcome I was aiming for is the one where the people from the camp offer a fair deal to the Indians, and to get that outcome you have to either Intimidate Anya or Persuade Randall. I have a high Persuasion skill, and well, I went for that. But once reaching the page where the deal is signed, Yiska and the other Indians depart as if they didn’t obtain anything of that. Which, of course, includes not getting the relationship boost for Yiska - annoying, considering he’s the RO I’ve chosen, and also, it may have repercussions later down the line.
I did check the code to try and understand the problem, and I found it, if I understand correctly. Basically, when Intimidating Anya, the game sets two variables to 3 - so you get “mining_solution 3” and “indian_settlement_with_red_ribbon 3”. But when Persuading Randall, you only get “mining_solution 3” - the other one never gets set at all. And well, when reaching the outcome of that story, the game actually checks for “indian_settlement_with_red_ribbon” in order to determine which ending it displays and processes… So yeah, I’m stuck, because I only have enough Persuasion to get that outcome, via the Randall path, and replaying from start wouldn’t help me because replacing Persuasion by Intimidation and going for Anya would go against my character build and would be a hindrance in other places in the game. And well, obviously I care about this specific outcome to the story.

I’m a bit nervous about what to do with that, cause it’s not a new release or anything… :pensive:

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In my experience they usually respond within one work day to acknowledge the issue, but actually patching the game can take awhile. If you think this error interferes with your plans sufficiently that you won’t be able to get the outcome you want any other way, your best bet may be to set the game aside for now if you can’t bring yourself to explore a different path.


Yeah, I’ll probably wait - still, thanks for the estimate of how long it’ll take!

I had a very hard time getting into that game, and it took me years to advance past the first chapter, so yeah, since I found a path I enjoy, I won’t be changing that!


You’re very welcome. Do please keep in mind that today is a federal holiday here in the United States, and most employers give their employees tomorrow off as well, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from them until Monday.


I do try to respond quickly. And yes, that does sound like a bug.

It appears to be bad coding on my part. So, what we can do is I’ll try a quick patch (What I really want to do is fix the underlying issue in having two variables like that and not aligning them in some way… will look into that too.) and we’ll see how long it takes to implement.


Thank you! Honestly, I was mostly worried it wouldn’t be adressed since it’s an older game! Knowing it WILL be fixed is enough! :hugs:


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The patch should now be live on most platforms.