Briar Rose (WIP)

Hello Fellow Choice of Gamers!

I’m LadyWreckful, and I finally decided to take the plunge and post a demo. If you’d like to go in blind, then here’s a link to the first draft of the prologue (which I pray works, after spending ages on Dropbox!).

Though I’m afraid it isn’t much at the moment (Updated 10/15/14):

You play as a magical rose turned human. I’m hoping to base this game revolve around making your way in the world, romance, and… er- perhaps a hint of magic. This is also my first real writing experience that isn’t poetry or an academic essay. I’m looking forward to better my writing, learn choice of script coding, and coming up with more cool ideas for my story.

I’m looking forward to meeting fellow writers, coders, and people whose games I’ve loved so much. Nice to meet ya’ll in advance and let me know what you think!

Currently Working On:
-Entertainment District
-Staying At Home Scenes
-Flower Shop Cases


Just checked out the demo, the concept looks really interesting so far!
There are a couple spelling/grammar errors (like missing letters, fullstops, etc) but those are easily fixed, all the coding worked and gave me no error messages when I played it so good job :smiley: Looking forward to seeing how this develops ^^!

I like that this is a fairy tale, and it’s a very good one, but to be honest I’m kinda disappointed that I had to pick gay or straight, and not have a bisexual option.

It was probably a mistake on my part posting at 3am (but I was still awake enough to make sure it passed a quicktest). I actually had more of the game coded, but decided to just put something out so I can see if I get any feedback. Thanks for playing. :smile:
This is just a very rough demo, and I haven’t included that option since I’m not totally sure how I want to implement romances in the game. I’ve read the previous romance threads, and so I’m not sure if I want the NCP romances in game to be locked a sexuality or all straight… or what :blush: In the full game (or even at a later demo), it will allow you to choose to be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even asexual (since from reading past threads, people seem to be interested in a friendship option). Thanks for playing.

I love the idea of it. It’s kind of whimsy; is the rhyming style going to continue after the prologue?

Either way I’m in love with the concept. I’m curious though, what’s the time period it takes place in?

hello. I haven’t played the demo yet(I’m about to). just wanted to say that I would love to be able to play an asexual character! very few games seem to have that option and it’s cool that yours will.

also PLEASE include the option of turning down a love interest by telling them you’re not attracted to their gender; It was SO annoying in Dragon Age when I couldn’t tell Anders that I wasn’t attracted to males. you shouldn’t have to hurt/insult someone to get them to understand you’re not into them.

with that aside, I will now commence demo…er…reading? demoing? testing? one of those.

I really like the rhyming idea, it really goes along way to setting this one apart from a lot of the other WIPs, it’s a bit quirky and gimmicky sounding; but it gives the text a lovely sort of charm - I’m looking forward to seeing where you end up going with this!

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1.“You couldn’t bear to see her go and you becamesad” should be became saddened

2.“No humans had inhabited the area near you for years, but today that changed.” given how you are presenting the story, that should be one day

3.“Silence, Mum.” you would say still gazing upon the boy" I chose to be attracted to females.

interesting concept.

Liked it can’t wait to see how it progresses

I think you have a very interesting story and for a first time your really good.

Great story realy captured my attention minus a few errors it was good loved how you started it off like a fairy tail it’s nice touch so with that being said… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish the story I must know what happens

At the moment, I have an idea to rhyme after the prologue. Maybe not for whole scenes, but scattered around. I usually do poems, so I find it comforting to be able to throw in some rhymes. :smile: At the moment I’m just going ahead and writing it. After I write it then after a few days (or if I just want a break from going forward) I go back and redo scenes, add rhymes and the such. I also have the idea to add new lines of poetry when a new chapter starts. Either way I’ll throw something in! :wink:

I’m hoping to set the game in a medieval society that is crossed with steampunk elements. I guess I call it something along the lines of magical steampunk? I’ve been looking back at the previous literature I’ve read and discovered that I like the technology elements of steampunk with the social/government systems of the high fantasy genre. I hope it ends up well, but if not I have no problem switching if I revise differently. I hope it answers your question. I’ll post another demo within the next week, and that allows you to enter the village. I hope people are better able to judge and give feedback after that!

I’m glad that I have found at least one other gamer that would enjoy the option of playing an asexual character. I’m hoping to revise/add in more sexuality elements after I finish detailing my last character. :smile: I’m planning on having both characters come onto the PC as well as options of the PC coming onto a specific character. AND of course you will have the option of saying no, since I also found that super annoying in Dragon Age.
Have fun with the very short demo.

I’m shocked at the amount of people that enjoy rhyming. I’m basing the story off a poem I wrote for a class, and everyone rolled their eyes at me. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope to continue the rhyming in some form. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for taking time to give me the corrections. I have updated them in my COG script. Should be fixed when I release another demo.

Thank you for the support!

I’m going back to working on my story right after I type this. Check back within the week to see if there is an update. Glad you enjoyed it!

I really like what you’ve written so far. :smile:
And I can only agree that it sounds just like the beginning of a fairy tale. I can’t wait to find out how your story continues. :wink:
Keep up the good work :smile:

I love this concept, and the whimsical writing style. The poetry at the beginning adds to the fairy tale-feeling, and I like the idea of adding poetry to the beginning of every chapter. The light-hearted atmosphere reminds me of the early CoG’s like Choice of the Dragon and the first Choice of Romance.

Could you maybe add an option for us to just get up and leave because we’re curious about the outside world and not because we’re in love? We’re able to express our curiousity at the beginning, so it would make more sense to have that option.

Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for the next update! :slight_smile:

since LadyWreckful stated the she(?)was(maybe)planning on adding the option to be asexual, I’m guessing that that will be an option.

Thank you for the support, I’m hoping to continue the fairy tail feel since people seem to enjoy it. :smile:

Speaking of COGs, I love Choice of Romance and Choice of Dragon. I’ve been sneaking peaks at the code of Dragon (which has been a live saver!) to learn to code.
As @AdamGoodtime replied, I am hoping to redo the demo to include asexuality and bisexuality as options. I’m figuring out how I want the variables to work still, but I’m getting there. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m hoping to hit a point in my story where the “demo” feeling is over and where the story becomes less linear, then I’m going to go back and change everything up since by then I’ll have a better picture of how the story will play out! Still glad that you enjoyed it, check back soon. :smile:

Hi! @LadyWreckful just wanted to say keep up the great work!
I look forward for more and i cant wait to get to know julie and Xander more.

Thank you for the support Gloria, glad you enjoyed it so far!

On a side note for everybody, I finally redid the first part of the demo to include multiple types of sexuality. It passed a Quicktest, and I played it myself to make sure there are no glaring errors. Also added a small amount of additional content!

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I love the new addition Lady keep up the good work! :smile:

This is absolutely adorable! I think the idea is really unique and original, and above all, super cute.

It was a bit hard to read however because of the lack of paragraphs and things like that. Other than that, I had a really good time playing your game.