Bracken Fell: Tale of Tails (UPDATED 6/16/21)

There’s something wrong with the save plugin setup, since it seems to not have any save slots.


I think you need to change it to

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Does it work now? :slight_smile:

Aaaaa, thank you, you’re the best!


I nearly died when I saw this, Redwall was pretty much my entire childhood and I still own every single book in that series and ocasionallly get the urge to dig my old favourites out and read again. Hares were always my favourite type of beast in the series but I don’t mind not being able to play one because Squirrel’s were a close second after reading Rakkety Tam so I picked that. It was an amazing feeling playing like I was in one of my favourite childhood worlds, so thank you for making my day!

The descriptive language was absolutely beautiful, particularly when the food is being described so as to be almost mouthwatering. I had a hard time picking what my character should be good at though, I liked all the choices! It’s going to take a lot of testing to find a character I’m happy with, but it’ll be fun figuring it out! Thanks again, and have a great day!


I think I’m in love with this XD It’s much too underrated to play as an animal character, and this world is vividly crafted, it’s definitely one that makes an animal MC work!

Being able to play as a rat, a vermin, is especially appealing because of the implications it has on the world around our character. I’m not entirely sure yet how this will be explored, or the consequences of it, but I’m intrigued nonetheless to play as a rat and see how that will affect my character.

Also, somewhat a spoiler(?), but the song played at the end that enraptures our character is definitely a prophecy if I’ve ever seen one. Since we are the MC, I imagine we will be the “leaf”/leader role? I just wonder exactly what it entails and who the other three are (although I imagine Artegal would be one of them… hahaha).

Also, love how nonbinary animals have their own specific name! Just, small details like that are nice ^-^

Can’t wait to play more!


Aw, that makes me so happy! I love hares, too, and I hope to one day make a game in the same universe where you can play ‘Bigfolk.’ So happy people who loved Redwall are enjoying this!


YAY! Yes, I’m definitely playing with the “Vermin” aspect of it, and minorly deconstructing other works, such as Redwall, that had such a troublingly rigid system.

The song at the end is gorgeous, isn’t it? It was written by @Fiogan for me, with me just providing details of what I wanted to happen. They have a lot more experience with rhyme and meter etc. than I do!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!


I loved this! I loved the descriptions, especially for the food – it felt like I was reading Redwall. The stats are great in how they are intertwined with the story and the three tenets, and I liked both Friar Douglass and Artegal’s characters. I also liked how we can be a mouse, vole, rat, etc., as it added to the replayability.

When choosing what work the MC likes, though, there is no summary after the first pick. Without the summary, it was difficult to tell what the difference was between “I’m often up on the ramparts with the priory guards or training for combat.” and “Sometimes gentle priory guidance just isn’t enough for the surrounding village.”. It also might be nice to have a choice right after the player chooses their abilities to look over the work they’ve chosen and possibly reset the characterization/abilities so the player doesn’t have to go back to the beginning if they don’t like what they’ve chosen.

Looking forward to chapter two! :relaxed:


I love stories where we play as an animal and this one is no exception. :slight_smile:

You’ve got something good going on, the story, albeit short at the moment, is intriguing. I’ve already got a few traits down for my MC; a loyal and protective rat, who tries to strike a balance living life and following responsibility. Unfortunately, she’s prone to anger and pushing violence to solve problems (wrath).

I’m curious to see where things lead.


Thanks so much! You’re definitely right, and someone else commented on a similar thing, so I’m going to make that my focus area. I appreciate your feedback, and I’ll let you know when I rework that bit! Should be very soon!

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Aaaa, excellent! I’m glad to hear some folks are choosing to play a flawed path; I’ve got some fun stuff planned for that. Hopefully it’ll be a lot longer very soon!


I loved Redwall and it was a big part of my childhood, so I’m amped to see a game that honors that genre! What a unique and fun concept! I’m loving what I’ve seen so far, the world and culture of this game are already so rich with detail and you can really feel the love that went into making it! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Yup. This is great. I really dig that we can play the rat, and get flak for it. As…odd as that probably sounds! Hope people continue to mistrust me so I can prove them wrong! By…pretending to be nice, and backstabbing them!


T_T Thank you!!! That’s so kind of you. I’m gonna do everything I can to turn it out in a timely manner for folks!

Ha! You’ll get plenty of chances; don’t worry! I’m so glad you’re likin’ it!

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Wait, I have a question about the “flawed path” you did mention…
Chosing that past “incident” actually adds a “flaw” to the MC? :thinking:
I thought it was just a bit of background “flavor”, that served to determine if MC is the type of person to think about past mistakes or one to put them behind.

Unrelated, but man I’m eager to see how the story will unfold, especially with a rat MC! Not only there is Folk to take into consideration, with them most likely not trusting MC at first, but also the other Vermin, as they may assume them to be one of theirs and try to rope them in in shady buisnesses.


The bit you’re talking about with the background incident is flavor mostly, but it adds a lot of ‘negative’ points into the flaw/virtue stats if you pick one over saying you’ve moved on. I may add callbacks to the specific incident; I haven’t decided yet :smiley:


Yes, it works now!

A couple things I noticed:


This sentence seems a bit funny if the MC is a mouse as well.


There doesn’t seem to be a nice option for MC who just wants to rest their paws?


Good catches, both! Thank you! <3