Bound to Corruption

Waking up in a lab, without anything, even your memory is faulty. Blood and bodies are everywhere around the facility. Something is happening and you need to escape the facility, and an unknown organized team helps you. You might also need the help of the voice in your head to survive, but be careful don’t think the voice is on your side.

The corruption:

An alien life form that corrupts the people it takes over and twists the people they’re using into their own. Its been at war with earth since the moment it was discovered and was winning the war. Until the success of project “Corruption Soldier.”


Alter - They are a corruption parasite that is the voice in your head and was used for the project “Corruption Soldier.”

Derreck/Darelle Wood
Height: 5’11"/5’7"
Race: Black
Specialize: Doctor/Healer

Lucián/Lía Navarro
Height: 5’10"/5’5"
Race: Hispanic
Specialize: Scientist/Researcher

Zeng/Zhan Shu
Height: 5’10"/5’9"
Race: Chinese
Specialize: Interrogator/Second-in-Command

Height: 6’2"/6’0"
Race: Native American
Specialize: Leader/Commander

Updated 02/06/2022 Demo:


@Desmond_Ashford found this:

Uncaught Error: SaveMod: Unable to *sm_save before *sm_init

I must say i like this. the intro to this game is quite heavy, i like it. :+1: :+1: :grin:

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When I read the OP I was thinking corruption meant like, political corruption. Seems to be something else entirely. Not sure what, but I guess we’re not supposed to know yet since the MC has amnesia.

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Oi @Desmond_Ashford save options are off

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I just read the demo, and I really liked it! I don’t really have anything helpful to say… so good luck!

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Oi there @Desmond_Ashford even though I selevt 6 ft 5 in it shows 5ft 5in…

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Hey @Desmond_Ashford


Even though I select ‘No’ it goes to name choice…

Once the water was drained from the tank, you start t͟a͟n͟k͟i͟n͟g͟ the tubes out painful as it was. After taking them out, and catching your breath to get freshly air into your lungs.

taking the tubes out

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So far so good. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Btw, it’d be nice to see more diverse options when picking your name and last name.

And there was a typo when choosing your hair. Should be “coily hair” instead of “coil hair”.

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It reminds a little bit of Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus with what happens to Vincent Valentine. He gets linked to a being known as Chaos in order to be saved but he doesn’t have full control over it. While it is is short I enjoyed it & looking forward to playing more

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Thank you, and I’ve fixed the save system.


I’ve fixed the save options.

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@Desmond_Ashford when I select darksin it says pale skin

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Thank you and I’ve fixed this!

Thank you for pointing that out and I’ve taken care of that!

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Thank you and it’s been fixed!

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Thank you and I’ve fixed this, so you can be as tall as you want! :smiley:

But it shows the saved files of some other games…

Oi @Desmond_Ashford if I selected female and then later when the confirmation for the details is asked and when select No then the female option is greyed out…


As a matter of fact

I have a question about the hair options. So, is coil hair just curly hair, because I’ve never heard that term used for hair before

Courtesy of internet: Coily hair is a type of curly hair that is super voluminous. Also known as Type 4, coily hair refers to strands that form tight curls in a zig-zag pattern from the scalp. Coily hair is also sometimes called Kinky hair.

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