Blossom in winter (Updated Saturday, March 21)

“Between having to serve others and being able to serve yourself, there are a thousand pieces of silver.”
Nobody, trying to be somebody.


In a setting inspired of The Imperial China, you embody “Fifteen Eyes”, a young servant at the emperor’s court. Determined to ensure a better future for yourself, you will have to be bold and skillful to seize the opportunities that will arise during the coming of three princes. Each of them want to marry Princess Liahao, the heiress to the throne.

About the story

First of all, this story is gender-locked to female…You are warned.

Secondly there will be some stats.

I will update this section as the story goes. I’m still figuring out lots of things.


Blossom in winter (Wip)

Hi everyone. So i’m sure you already know the song. I’m looking for everything that can help me improve the story and my writing style if possible. Have a good day.


Ok cool, I’ve yet to really explore the few (but from what I read so far probably well written) paths. I’m really looking forward to see what comes next.

I did find some gender discrepancies when you introduce the character know as Dark Feet, though.


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The story has a nice flow keep up the good work.


@A-M-A Hey there Thank you. As for the typos, i will correct them later.

@Misa101 Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m really enjoying this so far! I like your writing, and you did a good job worldbuilding, not to mention it’s always good to play a game where your MC has an actual personality. I’m already interested in where the story is going.

Here’s one thing that, while it didn’t bother me specifically, might bother other people, so I thought I should note it: this game has a looot of text, and not a whole lot of choices. It did feel, at least in the beginning, that I was reading a book rather than playing a game.

One last thing: will the game have any ROs? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good luck writing this, I’ll be following it.


Hi there thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

Well it crossed my mind when I was about to share the story with you. It’s true that there’s a lot of text but it will only be the beginning…well I hope XD

Thruth be said, i’m so bad at writing romance that i’m still thinking if i will or not XD But there’s a high possibility that i will cause i love romancing characters.

Thanks :relaxed:


You had me at “The Imperial China”. I really love these types of demo. Love how our MC’s default name is “Fifteenth Eyes”. It does make some sense, seeing of the start of the demo and probably the end of the demo.


You got your pronouns wrong with Dark Feet.

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This story got me hooked! Please let me romance one of the princes, like come on!

Anyway, here’s a few typos I found:






Hi there. Uhm…well i don’t know i wasn’t planning that but i will tought about it :slight_smile:

And to everyone an update is coming soon i was busy irl that’s why i couldn’t keep writing this but now i have more free time.


Hey there guys. Hope you didn’t forgot about me XD. I haven’t worked at all on the story lately cause of everything that’s going on in my life and around the world so, i haven’t had the chance. I continued writing yesterday and i updated the story today with some short scenes and the stat screen.

Hope you enjoy!!


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