Bloodstream (WIP)



Hello, everyone! I’m new here and very excited. This is my first game so please go easy on me :slight_smile:

SUMMARY: One day, you wake up and find your town - Avalon is overrun by the infected people. These people are turned to monsters who only want to tear the other people into pieces and eat them. Humans that they touch become infected as well.

The first priority of the survivors is to leave town and find a safe place.

Rachel - She’s a young woman who you meet in first day of outbreak. She’s strong and kind woman.
Ethan - He’s Rachel’s brother. He’s fierce and brave man,
Janet - She’s a lone wolf who is full of secrets.
Josh - He’s the leader of a group named Reapers.


  • You can choose your gender, sexuality and profession
  • You can be the leader/member of a group or lone wolf.
  • You can make wars with the other groups (If you can become a leader)
  • You can betray or protect your group.


Thanks for your attention! I will try to update every week, but I cannot promise anything. Please, let me know if there’s any mistake or typo in the game.

P.s. Demo is a short introduction and there are no serious choices in it.


Well am going to be a lone wolf bad ass plus can you choose what job you had before everything fell apart.


Just played your demo and although it was short it was pretty good can’t wait to read more of your work!


the story is pretty good hope you finsh this


Both of their name are Rhys? Ah…what a small world.


It was good so far I’m going to be a lone wolf


I’d rather be a Lone Tiger or Maybe a Lone Lion but then again playing a team player elephant sounds good too.

Bet nobody knows what I’m talking about :smirk:


I’m going to romance them all.



Four thing I'm notice


The comma feel unnecessary here, but it’s may just me.

Either check or checks.

There this error when I choose “Play Again”:

That aside, this pretty interesting :thinking: but I think it’s would be good if there at least little information about the town (Avalon?) in game. And it’s also weird MC not notice his/her roommate and the infected Rachel shot have same name(and possibly same person).

My question is, what is these monsters/infected name? Zombie? Or is it something else? :thinking:


Looks good so far! I played the demo through without issues. One thing I noticed when I took a peek at the ‘stats’ screen was some of the stats look like they might have some overlap. In particular, “Rudeness/kindness” and “evil/good” might make it hard for the player to know which stat an action would affect.


Oh yes, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland; all of my favorite references in one book. :clown_face:

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