"Blood Moon"—You're a werewolf; but can you survive the night?

Here is the list of achievements, taken from the startup.txt page (spoilers, obviously):

EDIT: I see this was already answered. :sweat_smile: I’ll leave this here anyway, in case someone needs a list they can copy/paste into a txt file.

Hidden Achievements >>{{SPOILERS!}}<<


*achievement netflixmarco 5 Netflix and Chill
Watched Netflix with Marco.

*achievement sunrisevicky 5 A New Day
Watched the sun rise with Vicky.

*achievement vampbuddy 5 Vampire Contact
Got a vampire’s phone number.

*achievement izziesfriend 5 Parenting 101
Convinced Izzie to leave the pantry.

*achievement possessed 5 Possessed
Congratulations! You have a ghost in you.

*achievement mercwolf 5 Wolf for Hire
Offered to work for Blackwell… for a price.

*achievement tellcarrie 5 She Deserves to Know
Revealed Blackwell’s true nature to Carrie.

*achievement leftonread 5 Left him on Read
Left Marco on read. Ouch.

*achievement ghostfriend 5 A Ghostly Ally
Promised to help Carrie destroy Blackwell.

*achievement kissoflife 15 Kiss of Life
Vicky gave you CPR.

*achievement messengerkill 5 Killed the Messenger
And that concludes diplomatic negotiations.

*achievement storytime 5 A Pirate Werewolf
Learned your pack’s history.

*achievement topdog 15 Top Dog
Became the Alpha of the pack.

*achievement gooddog 5 Good Dog
Showed the Night King your true form.

*achievement baddog 5 Bad Dog
Refused to show the Night King your true form.

*achievement splattherat 5 Splat the Rat
Dealt with one of Blackwell’s spies… the Irish way.

*achievement drunk 5 Drunk
Drank a little too much at the pack gathering.

*achievement peaceend 50 Everlasting Peace
Accepted death gracefully.

*achievement warend 50 Everlasting War
If you’re going to be a spirit, might as well be a restless one.

*achievement futureend 50 A Strong Pack
You successfully defended your territory and survived.

*achievement escapeend 50 A New Beginning
Your pack’s future may be uncertain, but at least you’re all together.

*achievement marcoend 30 The Boy with the Rose Vine Tattoo
Ended the game in Marco’s arms.

*achievement edend 30 More than just Some Smartarse Kid.
Ended the game in Ed’s arms.

*achievement vickyend 30 The Protector of the Pack
Ended the game in Vicky’s arms.

*achievement carrieend 30 The Damsel that Will Distress You
Ended the game in Carrie’s arms.

*achievement shawnieend 30 That Galway Girl
Ended the game in Shawnie’s arms.

*achievement farroend 30 Tall and Dark with a Kid in Tow
Ended the game in Farro’s arms.

*achievement roeend 30 An Alpha’s Touch
Ended the game in Roe’s arms.

*achievement sergiend 30 The Unexpected Choice
Ended the game in Sergi’s arms.

*achievement lonewolf 30 The Lone Wolf
Ended the game without a romance.


ƸӜƷ.•°*”˜˜”*°•.GAME REVIEW.•°*”˜˜”*°•.ƸӜƷ

Gripping! Fast-moving and quick to read while managing to remain engaging and entertaining. I was cautious of this story, at first, when I saw the screenshots on Steam due to the usage of ‘aka’ in the text but it was not too pervasive. It did jump out at me every time I saw it, though. Just a pet peeve of mine. It didn’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the story.

I love how the different species’ are designed—how they operate, what skills they have, etc.—and how the characters in the story think of and react to them. And I just absolutely adore the subtle references to things in real life, like mentioning the pups can eat chocolate (which, we all know, canines can’t). The usage of psychic howling is a really cool concept and highly amusing at times.

The characters themselves are lovely and each felt alive with differing personalities. The dialogue is also pretty terrific. Any author can win me over with great dialogue and you hit the ball out of the park here.

The use of a lack of stats (other than a health meter) is an interesting design decision and works really well for this story. I didn’t feel like I had to min-max skills in order to make it to the end—instead, I could just choose the story options I wanted, enjoying the narrative as it unfolded. This was a great feeling.

Well done. At first glance this story seemed fairly linear, then, on my second playthrough I am offered a very different set of circumstances, like becoming possessed. Neat!

Overall, this story is fresh, fun, and a joy to experience. Definitely recommend it to others if anyone is sitting on the fence about it.


I’m smitten with Marco. His character is so funny and sweet. I love the scene when Marco and MC go out as wolfs. Cute, cute, cute. Faboulose game altogether; had 4 playthroughs already and enjoyed finding new details (and ripping Blackwell to shreds) every time.


So Blood Moon I would give it a 6/10. Solid romances and scenes. Story is good and compelling.

However… too many questions remain in terms of our OG pack and what happened truly, not to mention the whole thing with Carrie and her Wolfy Vampireness. Felt like that was missing potential there. Not to mention the Endings feel hollow and lacking, almost rushed to put it mildly.

Not to mention… I WANT CUBS OF MY OWN DAMN IT!!!

So yeah, if there is ever a sequel, I want pups with my paramour. Expand on Carries condition. Delve into what all happened with our birth pack, etc. Felt like there was quite a bit that could very well have been worked on and expanded on in the game but was rushed and neglected.

What happened to Carrie

She was “stolen” by Blackwell as a pup. She was constantly fed Blackwell’s blood which, over time, started turning her into a vampire. Because she was a werewolf, she retained her wolfiness becoming basically a hybrid. Her hybrid wolf/vampire blood was then used to feed the vampires at Court so Blackwell could get on their good side and join them. No longer having access to Carrie, because of the MC’s and the Pack’s actions, Blackwell decided to kidnap the Pack’s kids with the intention of doing the same thing to them.

This is how I understood what happened to her.


I think with the potential of a sequel it could go two ways:

If you Stayed/Allied with Gaius: Maybe it’s a couple years or so after everything, maybe you have pups, for the time being, there is peace and everything is fine and dandy. But someone is starting to stir things up, tensions start to rise between the paranormals on all sides and the pack is stuck in the middle of it all.

Left: You eventually find the pack a new place and things start to settle down a bit, but there is tension in the pack, and in the surrounding region where you have now settled. And something, or someone, is stiring things up. Question is, how will you go about handling it?

In either case: Maybe finding out what truly happened with the MC’s birth pack, as it’s hinted yet never fully resolved. Carrie’s condition, given she still is semi vampire, even if she has gone full wolf, has potential to possibly have hybrid qualities there potentially. Not to mention expanding our role of actually being the Alpha (if we are) and seeing how we manage things, dealing with the politics of things, possible strays and Roe’s Group, maybe even another group or two of wolfies. And thats not without saying dealing with Gaius and the possible partnership/alliance there.

Theres waaay too much potiential to be had here for this just to be simply be ‘Book One’.

You’re the one who’s supposed to decide what happened to your birth pack. Hence why you’re given some choices like “Killed by hunters” or “dead in a fire”


Huh, I thought that none of those were mutually exclusive (as in the hunters set the fire that led to the birth-pack’s deaths and MC was away from the site at the time (hunting), so they survived and pieced together what happened once they returned).

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The fire is explicitly called an accident, tough.

Yet we don’t know what fully happened. Who set the fire? Who were the hunters involve? Etc. That should get expanded on and we can decide if we find those responsible to either meet out justice or not, etc.

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The chance of that happening after all this time is close to zero. And I think the author is very nicely setting up a world where shit happens - where there are several characters you can’t save no matter what you do, several people who are traumatized or maimed no matter what you do, and even the happiest ending is somewhat bittersweet.


Debatable, given we found our daddy. But please, do go on with that doubt.

Technically, our daddy found us. And he was never part of the OG pack. That’s why you get to decide how you want your MC to respond to him coming forward.

Sometimes things happen in the past that remain unexplained and we never end up finding the answers we seek. Such is life. We can choose to remain hung up on that unknown past, or we can choose to forge ahead and create a new future.

I already explained what happened with Carrie. I’ve only had time to run two playthroughs so far, and the story was pretty clear in what it was saying about her both times. She is a hybrid.

Personally, I never want my MC’s to immediately start having/adopting babies as soon as they get together with their LI. This game is about immediately forging forward with the pack—right at the beginning of a major turning point; right at the start of a new relationship (if desired).

I would want my MC to have a choice in starting a family. That’s a pretty important decision, and one my MC may not want. Finding out that it happens automatically in a sequel would be disappointing. Besides, what’s wrong with doting on Izzy, JiAn, and Nik? They are family, after all.

This story is exactly what you are describing. You get to choose which paranormals you might want to align with in order to get out of being stuck in the middle of it all.

It’s up to the author if she wants to write a sequel but I personally feel this is a great stand-alone story as it is. Yes, there are a lot of compelling paths a second book could take but I’m happy that we’ve gotten one that still feels complete without having to promise an entire series that won’t finish for years to come. No shade to other authors, really. It’s just nice to jump into a completed story I know I can fully enjoy now and then maybe be pleasantly surprised in the future with a new story. Perhaps one that takes place 100 years from now when the peace treaty expires.


The author has suggested she would be interested in writing, not so much a sequel, but a companion piece set in the same world and focusing on vampires. I think that’s the best of both worlds: Blood Moon remains a standalone, but we get more delicious urban fantasy with a similar feel.


I really enjoyed the dark and gritty way vampires were handled in this story, too—from their scent to their regenerative abilities. It was a nice contrast to the warmer way the werewolves were handled.

I still can’t get over how much I love the concept of psychic howling, and how the moon was its own psychic character—always present, always looming. I wonder if these vampires feel the same way about blood?


I sure hope we get to find out!

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I finally got the scene with Sergi and can’t Stop smiling like a little teenage Girl. That was wonderful and worth the replays I needed to finally get it.

Can someone help me getting the achievement with the rat, I can’t figure it out. Per DM or here, pleased help :kissing_closed_eyes:


I cannot help with this. I’m sorry. I finally found this thread through manual backlinks.

I just wish all wolf packs were loyal.

“Celestial ocean, choice and chances
Future love and light
Infinity has, many a faces
I see them all tonight
In you”

It’s a Happy Birthday song.

Happy Birthday, Aleksander.


It’s too bad that there’s no poly. Would’ve loved to do a poly with Vicky and Shawnie. Also, is this game getting a sequel or no?

The author has said that she would consider writing a companion piece (not strictly a sequel) if this game did well.