Blood and Iron

In this world much akin to ours yet so different entirely, there is one thing that can never seem to be extinct. Warfare.

This novel follows along a story of a young man which seeks to make fortune of war. A series of events, whether fortunate or not, will follow him along as we see if this endeavor of his results in something.

As of right now, the story is only about the prologue and a brief introduction of the world and cirmumstances of the main character, do keep in mind I will keep updating this work to the best of my ability.

If there is any complaint, suggestions, whatever it is that needs bringing up, feel free to do so whenever as I will greatly appreciate the feedback!


You are the third born son of the noble family Herrera. Your family name is not one of greatness, but it is something to respect all the same. This tale follows along your events in the army, starting at your stint in the Military Academy and soon followed by your actions during the war and what comes after.


As of now, there are no notable characters to be mentioned, but this will be updated along the way.

Why gender locked?

I apologize if it seems ignorant of me to not include others in my fiction, and I reiterate that I did not do so out of bad intention. This is my first time ever using and making a work of Choicescript, and I admit that I do not have any experience whatsoever in the makings of novels and books. So, at the expense of leaving a few people out, I have decided to focus on one specific part before learning how to tackle the other. If my decision is not to your taste, then I understand.


Glad to see that you were able to upload it. I enjoyed it a lot. :grin:


Thank you very much for that!

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So what time period would you say this story takes place? It must be in the times were guns were present sense in the prologue it said we could smell gunpowder, also the input your own name doesn’t work

I can’t lie, and sorry to bring it up but your opening is almost identical to lords of infinity. And it doesn’t help that the of premise of a young man in a military academy rising the ranks is similar. From the main character stepping off their coach to being assaulted by the smell of manure to the mention of a letter of admission… it just seems eerily similar when I read the side by side.

But then it might just be a me thing, and my brain making the connections. Aside from that, the only other complaint I have is the lore dumping. Maybe try to introduce it bit by bit as the story moves forward, it was unnerving being slammed with a wall of text upon staring.


Yea I also found the prologue was very similar to the one in sabres of infinity


Oh, I assure you that was not intentional. I will make changes next time. Thank you for this.


My story takes inspiration from the time of the Napoleonic Era, but I intend to add tiny tidbits that may differentiate its timeline from real life.



Thanks for the heads up, I will fix it in no time.



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So how long will the IF be?

If you are talking about the demo, then I expect it will be around 4-5 chapters, but that number may vary according to my schedule and free time.


Seems good so far i am intrigued what time period is this set since it says gun and sword what kind of firearms are we talking here.

The aurthor said the time period is inspired by the napoleonic era, so around that time

Will we be able to rise through the ranks of nobility while also using through the military ranks, also will there be romance

i like the idea how do stats work tho is soldier the pysical side of warfare and intellect the tatical side

What part of the military are we joining? Are we going to be infantry or a cavalry officer?

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Apologies for the late reply, I am currently working on a new prologue and Chapter 1 so for the time being I will take down the demo link.

@Random_Person For now, I want to focus on the PC’s advancement in the military so I do not have a definitive answer on the rise in nobility. However, I do plan for there to be romance.

@Kristian_Herron Yes, I will further explain the stats in the game.

@NSG I plan for it to be an infantry, but not necessarily a foot unit.


Is there a demo because I’m on mobile and it doesnt seem to have one.