Blood and Iron

I am currently working on a new prologue so I have decided to take down the demo (for now).


Got it good luck

Demo link???

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you’ll have to wait, @Syrwell_Fallenwood

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I have not seen it! Thanks.

Hello, here to report that I don’t see any link. Was it removed?
Edit: My bad. Just realized that it’s in the making. Had to reread.

Although there isn’t any link, the concept sounds very promising. Looking forward to the updated demo!


If you could get a link out soon I’d be happy to read through it! Gaining a greater interest in gunpowder fantasy and I’d love to encourage more projects in the genre.

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Quite strange posting a thread without the content/demo needed to showcase the project to the readers but guess it was all about getting the thread out even if you just leave us with the eagerness and curiosity of how the concept plays out.

Military academies can be a cool starting setting and if you throw nobles into the mix the interactions you can get out of it are worth it, seems like the thread has been inspired in the Dragoon saga but hopefully you can portray your own vision and forge something unique.

@AdvWall please send the moderator inbox a message when you’d like to reopen the thread to share the demo :slight_smile: