Iron Forged: Ascending (WIP)

Iron Forged : Ascending

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Background Story : The year 563C,the reigning ruler Emperor Darxin II of Parnaxas has been killed during his stay at The Kingdom of Tharce while on a diplomatic mission and border tension between these two neighbouring kingdoms has been rising ever since.

23rd January 567C,Emperor Jarx I has now formally took his father’s throne and under his blessings the empire is now to go to war with Tharce under the casus belli of conquest.

5th November 571C,under the guidance of the emperor,every parnaxian family is now to enlist at least a single member of the family aged 16 or above to the military regardless of gender or face harsh punishment.

Summarized Gameplay: You will start as a lowly footman and rise in ranks from deeds earned on and off the battlefield.Start earning nobility titles later in the game which enables you to hold and manage lands and even own your personal army.Eliminate rivals by hiring mercenaries and assassins.Rise in wealth and power by raging war on neighbouring kingdoms.Be a loyal citizen and help wipe out the empire’s sworn enemy The Kingdom of Tharce or become the ruler of the empire yourself.


  • 20/1/2017 - Added a draft map.
  • 22/1/2017 - Replaced the old map


  • Romance will be included with both political and personal choices(20/1/2017)
  • May add non-binary gender(18/1/2017)

Draft Map

All suggestions and opinions are equally welcomed.


Can you play as nb as well as female?

Sorry I didn’t know what nb meant,but you will be able to play as both male and female.

Yes, but will you be able to play as non-binary (nb)?

No, I mean by nb I can play as neither male nor female, identifying as neither binary gender regardless of genitals.

Romance doesn’t come into it.


Ah… crap wikipedia

Your post is filled to the brim with harmful misinformation and has a slightly transphobic edge to it (equating “real” gender with genitals/sex). I’ve flagged it because I don’t wish to address every harmful point at this time.

Please educate yourself thoroughly before you speak on behalf of us again.

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Uh… Sorry. Shouldn’t do that again

Thank you for explaining,I may not include romance in this game so the purpose of choosing your gender is so that i can add titles such as Baron/Baroness,Duke/Duchess to your name.But I’ll do my best to add a third option if I can figure out how to bestow titles


There’s a topic on this called “Noble Nouns” or something. Slap it into the search bar, that should help.

As for titles, you can always make up your own to fit in with your world-building! Else, here are a few to start you off:

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Could be nice. How long do you plan for it to be though? Could you give us a snippet on some interesting characters? :wink: Im a sucker for those~
( Also, you should at least credit the artist :sweat_smile:, as an artist myself I dislike it when people just repost it haha)

I would like to see a demo of this story. Everything looks good conceptually but to give feedback, I’ll need a demo.

Looking forward to seeing it.

Could I choose my background as player. Like a old nobility wiped out by a rival a peasant etc… It would add a lot of replay value with no so much working


Sounds cool. Is it a fantasy setting?

Well I plan on making it into a total of three parts.I’ll post some snippets in the futue :wink:

As for the Image,I’ll do my best to find the original artist real soon :slight_smile:

No sorry,I wanted to make this as real as possible,only swords,bows,lances and etc.

Will release a short demo in time :slight_smile:


Sure is,you aren’t really the first of your family that actually joins the war.There are few options with different settings that you can choose from and some are related to your family’s past


Awww…what do we have to fight for, if not romance? What I mean is that romance can be a pretty good motivator, all things considered to get someone to fight.
Forced “nobility”, including opposite sex marriage and procreation usually tend to have the opposite effect for me.

Seems like our mc’s are going to rise to those levels either way if we do well-enough, but I understand you want that bit of extra baggage. My mc would perhaps like to stay at the highest “commoner” rank, particularly if it helps him avoid a forced opposite sex-marriage and all that “chivalry” stuff.


Personally I would like to see a romance option to get to have a little bit more replayability. I mean you could like a common foot soldier or you might be pining after some Noble’s daughter or try to become the emperor’s spouse to eventually become the emperor or empress. I’m curious how the Stat system will work. Some people may want to be a little bit more educated so they can quickly rise in the ranks with brilliant tactics, or go in with brute force and win by valor. Depending on what exactly you place the setting I would rather be a low-ranking noble just being a plain old Joe Knight a little place that I call my own they have a family there for the next year to build upon