Black Star (a mecha choice game)

Well, this will be my first choice game. My first IF game period actually. I’ve had ideas before and written down detailed notes for the start of them. But I never seem to get around to the actual building. This time around, I’ve decided to write down brief summaries of every chapter and over time refine them more and more. To avoid going too long without an update, I’m just going to refine the first three chapters right now; I feel it makes a great introduction. But people tend to be their best praiser sometimes.

Anyways, haven’t started refining them down to specific texts and choices, but I will over the coming week. I will be house/dog/cat-sitting at my mamaw’s place until sometime around friday or saturday. But, she doesn’t have internet. I’ll come back to my house one day in between to check up on other things as well as this. All in all, I won’t be able to reply to anything after tommorrow at 2:00 pm.

I haven’t seen a mecha choice game yet, so I’m excited about this. And here’s the first three chapters in light detail; thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated and some things are probably going to change in the actual release of testing.

Okay. Turns out my post would be about 1100 characters too long if I pasted it. I’ll try to post it in a reply, and will try to look for a spoiler option to make it collapsable or not.


----------------CHAPTER 1-----------------------

Start in last year in Highschool. One female friend and one male friend. Before graduation, take government-mandated career assessment test take determines your starting stats. Exit building and meet waiting friends. All three of you have been placed in the military reserves.

Go to graduation and overhear some students talking about everyone without connections being placed in the military with the current war going on. The calling of names and career indeed shows that everyone but rich kids are being sent off.

Exit graduation with friends. Male friend complains opening and loudly about the career test being rigged. Your answer to the matter determines more about your stats. Female friend interrupts as tries to change the subject. She suggests about going to the carnival while you all still can. Play games and how well you do determine more about stats. You can do great on one, good on another, and average, bad, and awful on the last three.

(Possible event - love interest part 1) Ask one of your friends if they can go get some more cotton candy for the three of you. Can confess love for the remaining friend or not. Have a sad moment about probably not seeing each other after you all ship off, and kiss.

Three of you go on the ferris wheel and see the city at night. Reminisce (and meet eyes with choosen love interest with friend in between not paying attention). Pack bags in the morning and take one personal item with you before going to the bus stop. Try to find friends, but barely catch glimpses of them as they get onto different buses. Spend bus ride doing stuff (yet to be determined).

----------------CHAPTER 2-----------------------

Arrive at boot camp and spend next 13 months training. Pick what things you were good at. Same method as carnival games. Time skip, a lot. Based on what you were good at in the boot camp, be transported to appropiate division. Infantry or tank. The next events are same whether or not you’re in infantry or tank because they’ll be in the same convoy, just different perspectives.

Meet with fellow infantry men or fellow tank crew and socialize a small bit before recieving orders from the commander about leaving out to setting up a post and clearing out stragglers in a nearby small city that was just hit by another division.

March out in a semi-large convoy with a few tanks. The tank (you man/escort) is bulky and has four legs that can fold into traditional treads. It is nicknamed Grizzly and has a decal of a large grizzly bear on the side and a decal of a large claw mark on the barrel. One of the tank crew talks with you on the walk over about aliens. Another crew member, older and more gruff, tells him to stop filling your head with shit and mentions him wanting to put a picture of an alien on the side of the tank. He ducks back into the tank (if infantry) and (regardless of division) leaves the hatch open and swears that aliens are out there. Older crew member non-seriously threatens to punch him if he doesn’t stop with the nonsense. Time skip to entering the small city.

----------------CHAPTER 3-----------------------

The city is in absolute ruins. The tanks switch into their four-legged mode to climb over rubble. An infantry man whistles and loudly remarks about how the other division really did a number on the place. The commander in his very thick ground-mech says to quit the chatter and appoints each squad of infantry men to a different building to search for survivors.

If the player is in the infantry, you are ordered to get to the top of a partially collapsed garage complex to check out the area from a vantage. As you walk up the floors, you spot an enemy combatant with his legs trapped under rubble with a targetting missile launcher. Either shoot him dead, try to help him out, or radio in that there’s a survivor and move on. One you reach the top, survey the area and try to radio anything imporant. But, as you try to, a loud noise blocks out your voice and you spot three small dots on the horizon. They very quickly get closer and louder and turn out to be special ops mechs. They fly over at a low altitude that the late shockwave shakes the ground as you stare up in wonder at them and think to yourself about how you always dreamed about piloting one.

If the player is in the infantry, you look behind to watch the mechs. They turn around… and before you have time to react, they start firing rounds into the city in a fly-by. Before the impending shots hit your location, you make a break for the lower levels. Bullets shoot the concrete like a hot knife through butter as you sprint through the floors. Something happens to block your escape, so you run over to the missle launcher you saw earlier, grab it, and rub back for the roof. One of the mechs land on the building across from you and starts shooting below at your convoy. You choose whether or not to shoot it immediately or wait for the targetting system to get a lock. The other two mechs break off and fly away.

If the player is in the tank crew, you are ordered to stay close to the tanks while the infantry searches the area. The older crew member offers you a cigarette. After a few minutes you hear a quiet noise that comes from one of the alleys. You investigate it and withdraw your pistol. As you round the corner suddenly, you spot a rugged dog rummaging through the trash. It jumps in surprised and then growls at you. You can shoot it, hit the grip of your pistol against a dumpster to scare it off, or slowly back up until it ignores you can starts to eat again. You go back to your tank and hear a distant noise. The alien-believer crew member says venemously about how the special ops mechs like to show off by making sure everyone hears them. You stare up in wonder at them and think to yourself about how you always dreamed about piloting one.

If the player is in the tank crew, you overhear the frantic callings of multiple soldiers as they say the mechs are returning in an attack pattern. A moment later, you hear a loud and bass-filled rattling before large rounds streak through the buildings, down at the street, and pass by. The commander orders a few quick commands and climbs back inside his own, heavily outmatched, mech and trudges forward in it. As he reaches the intersection, he turns right and before a single shot is fired, one of the special ops mechs slam into him, slicing him apart with its plasma lance (an energy-like sword that slices into anything with a quick burst of blue chemical flames). It turns and opens fire down the street at your tank division. You run and hide behind one of the four legs as bullets stream past. Two whirling missiles launched from the mech’s shoudlers strike the other two tanks in the division in front of you. The firing stops and you hear the mech slowly walking towards the carnage. You quickly open up the back emergency exit of the tank to find the other crew members dead and lighting shining through a number of holes in the front. You climb in, check everything, and load the cannon. Choose whether or not to shoot it immediately or to wait until it’s closer. The other two mechs break off and fly away.

Time skip to a ceremony attended by hundreds of soldiers as you are awarded for your courage and quick thinking in the face from great odds. A stately man in his fifties approachs you as you shake hands with various people on your way out. He offers you a position in the mech special forces.

Time skip to your arrival at a secluded base in a mountain range. Run into old friends in a happy reunion and they explain how they got there. Get interrupted by the loud clanking of the wall-sized doors opening to reveal three mechs being wheeled in by flatbed trucks. Describe friends’ mechs, and let player choose type of mech, type of cockpit, and appearance of the third.

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@Nedinu Coo, Coo Welcome to the forum. Great Idea, ive been wanting to see a Mecha-type game for a long while now, but do you know how to code?

I remember that there was a mecha game and it was good but only very short and dead now…
But this seems ok, pretty good so succes

No, not really. I read the instructions on the main website after downloading the script, but that’s the extent of my knowledge.

I’m going to bed at the moment, but in the morning I’ll try some generic stuff with the script to get use to it.

Mecha games 4 lyfe!!! Yes, Life with a Y

What are the stats going to be? And the different types of mech? Does choosing the cockpit/apperence have any effect on the mech/gameplay?

@WolfieGrey I want a small cockpit


I want way to many weapons. E.G. Two hell storm missile pods (approx 100 missiles between them) an apocalypse missile (think minute nuke) an energy blade, a repeater blaster (approx .500 cal) an energy blade, plasma lance, fusion cannon, and phase armor. All whilst including numerous boosters for a (somewhat) speedy mech packing enough heat to destroy a planet.

@WolfieGrey I just want a mini-fridge & Air Conditioning.


You forgot Internet connection so we can play our favourite CoG post mission

Is there a way to use random stats and skill checks? You could have unpredictable fights that way.

But you could also run into an impossible fight that way

@WolfieGrey I’m still mowing over what the stats will be. As for the cockpit thing, a long time ago, I had a discussion on an anime form about the realistic setup of mechs. One big problem we saw was that just sitting in a leaned back chair strapped in real good isn’t going to save the pilot from dying when he suddenly stops or changes directions. Didn’t get many replies on that thread, but I got enough to think of two different kinds of suspension systems to counteract the g forces:

The first type of cockpit is a big round metal ball with a camera lense every square inch. Inside are somewhat wide bungie straps from left, right, up, down, and the two set of diagonal counterparts to those directions. There are monitors covering every part of the inside but the top (hatch used to get in) and the bottom (where it connects to the the mech itself). It gives a 360 view of the battalefield. This cockpit lets the driver go really fast, stop on a dime, and strafe quickly. Downside is, the straps are very bouncy and so weapons that take time to aim or use heavy firepower are not reccommended. Upside is, the nature of the straps suspending you in air let you move your entire body freely while driving and as such, this type of cockpit is best for speed, evasion, and close combat. The driver wears a suit outfitted for the straps with sensors place on each limb so that whatever the driver does, the mech does.

The second type of cockpit is similar in design, except the ball is filled with a gelatin-like substance. It is the best suspension to date and the driver barely feels any of the movement of the mech itself. It allows the driver to go really fast and stop really fast, but quick maneuvering, not so much. Because of the geltain, you have to wear a thicker suit with a closed helmet. The helmet is connected to the mech’s head and processor, displaying audio, visual, and sensory data. The gelatin slows all movement of the driver and mech somewhat, so you won’t be doing any close combat or turning fast in this thing. The setup of the helmet does not give you a wide view like the first cockpit. But, the nature of the cockpit allows it to be placed anywhere in the mech, and as such, makes it one of the most proctected against damage. The slow movement, nonexistent recoil, and limited peripheral makes this best for long-range weapons that take concentration to aim and heavy weapons that would otherwise disorient the driver. This cockpit also lets the driver go really fast, but due to the slow reaction to turning, it’s best to use its speed to get away from the enemy or get a new vantage point on the enemy instead of engaging it.

The third, and last (unless I think of more), cockpit is the traditional one you see in most mecha anime; the chair. This cockpit has advantage of both the previous cockpits, without the downsides of them. While not being as good as the first in evasion and close combat, the third can still move very quickly compared to the second. And while not having the smooth ride of the second, the third can still line up long-ranged shoots with fair precision better than the first because of its mechanical joysticks. And while the chair has shock aborbers that allow it to go faster than a jet, it can not go as fast as the other two cockpits because sudden stops at that speed might kill or black out the driver (which is as good as dying when you’re on the battlefield). This cockpit can be out in the open to give the driver a better view of the fight, or heavily fortified deep within the mech to give it protection.

And change of plans, I’ll be around until 6pm to reply instead of 2pm.

Yay I can have my Nyan mecha and destroy you all with rainbow lasers and pop-tarts!

A void mecha that shoots portals that will suck you into the void where you will die slowly

But is it working a bit with the coding and writing

A energy vampire mech that will steal the enemies energy and use it against them and giant claws to slash thru the gears and wiring which wud work with the first cockpit

Hm. Is this game intended to be more Western mecha (Battletech) or anime-styled (Gundam)?

I ask because the cockpit discussion seems a bit more on the component-focused Battletech side, but beam sabers are highly anime.