Beta testing round 2 - the Bridge

Looking for beta testers for a post-apocalyptic interactive novel - blah blah, you all know the drill. This would be the second time I’ve posted this, so I guess that makes it double beta testing? Alpha testing?

I’d ideally like two types of feedback: little stuff like typos, misgenderings, and grammatical errors; and big stuff like plot holes, character inconsistencies, or major glitches (ie a character returns from the dead)

A summary: The world has ended in atomic flame. You are a lone warrior on your way to the mythic Crescent City - a center of civilization and even democracy and the degenerate wasteland. But to get there, you must first barter for the right to cross the Bridge. Will you collapse under the weight of mutant beasts and conniving wastelanders? Or will you prove your mettle and fulfill your mission? Be prepared for tribals, mutant gators, possible furries, and giant enemy crabs.

A link:

Hope I did this right? If not let me know please.
Edit: Anyone who wants to test is allowed to, and is encouraged to. Please follow the dashingdon link to the game, it should also link to an email where you can send me your comments


I would like to beta test your game and tell you about the errors and typos

I would love to beta test for you

I’d like to beta test please (^°^)

I’m available to beta test during my break for either game.

I too would like to beta test!

Does rejecting one relationship close off the others? Will there be a tossup if I romance Doubloon and then try to romance Cassie?

Accepting a romance beyond the simple flirting stage can cause other romances to break off. Going for Cassie can make doubloon unreachable, etc

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