Beta testers needed - The 3Games /closed

Hello! Let me start this off by saying that hopefully the absolute majority of things should be fixed by now, and this is mostly just a precaution in case I missed anything. I’ll be grateful if you could breeze through the game and tell me what you think. :blush:

Game description: Imagine an independent city in space, where drugs are a source of superpowers and lethal reality shows a source of income. Team up with equally desperate citizens and fight for your life. How many will you save from an untimely death?

A different, a bit more detailed description with a link to just the 5 (unedited) chapters demo can be found on my co-author’s blog, here.

If you are interested, please shoot me a message (including your forum ID so I know who you are) on my tumblr or twitter, or my email ( and I will link you to the game’s dropbox page.

A few warnings regarding dropbox and gameplay; Images don’t show (you won’t see the colourful headers on top of every page) and most importantly, checkpoints don’t seem to work, so if you die, you have to restart the game instead of being redirected to the nearest checkpoint. Please, remind me in your message to tell you which of the options lead to death, so you can avoid them.

Again, I would be grateful if any of you could take the time to test at least a portion of the game. Thanks!


Sent You An Email Sounds Like A Great Game

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Well I’ve seen it already :stuck_out_tongue: but recommend to everyone else!

Well, first of all - the description for this game doesn’t do it justice. The drugs mentioned aren’t conventional drugs and can actually be thought of as mana, ether or whatever else items that restore MP in video games can be called.

So, with that in mind, a possibly more fitting description would be, “Way in the future where lethal reality shows and genetically modified superpowers are commonplace, you will follow five individuals in a fight for their lives. These lucky, or incredibly unfortunate, contestants that have been chosen all have various reasons for signing up - be it pride, desperation, greed, or just bloodthirst - but only the most clever and determined will make it out alive with their teams intact.”

Edit: After talking with the OP, I can see how the Aether (the substance used to replenish their abilities) can be taken as drug use - it’s injected and it does give at least one character withdrawal symptoms. I didn’t take it that way while I was playing because it reminded me more of Final Fantasy’s ether, but just a heads up that it’s possible to interpret as drug use.

I’ve already beta tested this game once and it is honestly incredibly fun. The characters are all fleshed out and wonderfully diverse and the story is incredibly engaging. There were more than a few times I was either holding my breath or sitting on the edge of my seat or just outright dreading what would come next because I was so sucked into what was happening.

It really is just an absolutely fun game and hopefully more people beta-test to help the creators out. I’m definitely going to give this game another play through when I have the chance, but anyone else helping out would be much appreciated!

Just keep in mind, this game takes about 3-4 hours to get through if you’re going slow and as mentioned above, there’s no working checkpoints or saves at this point in time. What this means is that if you die or close the browser you will have to start all over again. The best solution for this I found was to just play through like normal, but then if I needed to do something that involved leaving my computer I could just leave the browser open and when I came back I’d be able to pick up where I left off. As for avoiding dying - the description above states to just ask what choices will lead to dying and it can be avoided as simply as that.


I’ll send you my email

Hi, I messaged you on tumblr.

I got the impression that this game is based on the Hunger Games, i love this already