Best practices for collaboration?

My collaborator and I are in the process of starting our first ChoiceScript project. However, I’m having a hard time figuring out the best way for us to both work on the project at the same time. I had the idea that we could mirror all of the scene files on Google Docs, enabling us to simultaneously edit any file, and then copy the results back to our local ChoiceScript folders to test. Unfortunately, Google Docs appears to handle whitespace really poorly.

So – anyone here collaborating? If so, what technique(s) do you recommend?

I would use a shared Dropbox folder, I think. I have used Celtx studios for collaborative script writing, but the interface is not good for plain-text files. Codeanywhere ( has a really really cheap subscription that allows a couple of people to write collaboratively. Although it is aimed for code primarily, I have used it when away from my computer to work on my games, with no problems.

@Samuel_H_Young and I are working together on Colonising Kepler 62e. We started with heavy planning through google docs (we have a ~50 page plan), so we both knew the story. Then, we broke the story into parts and we are now each writing separately, staying in contact through this forums private chat. When Sam is ready to update, he sends me the files and I add them to mine.

I have been looking at Pen flip as I have a few friends that want to work on a project. Looks like a good tool based off of github.

I do my planning using Mindomo. If you have a full account you can share your mind maps and do collaborative editing on the same map.

Here’s a snippet of my mind map for one of my current game projects. The little clock faces in some nodes indicate that scene’s % completion:

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Yup it was a very big plan, how is it going?


It’s going well! Take a look, @JLBH


I would of loved to of done more man

Thanks for your input, folks! I think we’re going with a shared Dropbox folder. Good to know about a sharable mind-map option, too, I’ll have to give that a try. :slight_smile:

I can set one up and share it with you, if you want to try it out. Who knows, we might even come up with a valid idea for a game!