Programme For Writing Collaboratively?

So! I’m working on a little something with a friend. So far we’ve been using google docs to brainstorm ideas and write out setting details, etc. I like how google docs works, in that we can both instantly see what the other changes, and work on the same thing, without needing to email it back and forth.

When it comes time to writing the game though google docs doesn’t look as if it’s ideal for writing code, or keeping our indents alive, and that sort of thing.

What do other people do when writing a game collaboratively? When both people are working on the entire thing, as opposed to each doing a different section.

Does anyone know of a free programme that works similar to google docs but can be used for writing choicescript games?

Any other suggestions?


I think the online version of Microsoft Office offers a collaboration program if I remember correctly. There are some high end business programs that coordinate multiple source updates but they are not something I remember names of…

I’ll try to remember more. Sorry I’m not as much help as I wish I were.


I did find

But there’s so many suggestions there. I’m worried Microsoft Office would run into the same issue of not having a programme dedicated to writing code. And we definitely don’t want to be paying money for it.


Might be more inline with what you are thinking @FairyGodfeather .

I know a few people who use Ren’py and simular types of development there.


Seconding @Pace675. GitHub is probably your best bet. You can’t see what your collaborators are currently typing, but GitHub allows you to compare previous versions of the document alongside the current version, enabling you to see what was changed, added, or removed. It maintains indentation, lines, and all that good stuff. The only downside is that content would have to be uploaded in batches so that everyone remains on the same page.


I don’t know how these will get on with choice script but the links are for free & paid options.

Edit: You could also use some kind of vcs like git, subversion or Mercurial and then use for private VCS repositories.


I don’t think github’s what I’m looking for.

@LordofLa has a good suggestion, butthere’s far too many choices there! I don’t know which is the best to use.

Alas, I don’t understand a thing you said there. :slight_smile: I think it’s naptime.


To narrow it down then try these:

I was going to link a 4th but their SSL is broken…


If you really trust your collaborator and have good Internet could grant them remote access ( think that’s what it’s called) where someone online can access your computer in real time BUT that is risky and you really need to trust your co-worker or know how to limit said access. But I’m pretty sure that’s possible though I don’t know how.

Long story short they could just use your programs or theirs. It’d be housed on one computer in one program.

Just an idea.


That’s about the worst way to go about it really Snoe… I’d only do that if the collaborators were all in the same room/building.


Like I said it’s risky and requires a lot of trust. Not something to do lightly by any means.

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Thanks so much! I tried which seems adequate, although it’s not precisely what I was looking for. The dark background’s hurting my eyes.

I found something for Notepad++:

And also something for Atom: or or ?

Am wondering if these would let me do what I’d planned. My brain’s being rather stupid today though.

what you could do is use teamviewer, but that would require you both to be online at the same time and all that


I don’t want my friend to be able to access any other files on my computer. Just to collaborate on notepad++ or atom.

they won’t be able to. you could either pick your computer or theirs to host teamviewer. if it’s on your computer, they’ll only see what your screen is showing, if they go further from there, you can bring notepad or atom back up and they won’t do anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm! I alt+tab out a lot though. I mess around with other stuff. I have absolutely no attention span. i’m suspecting this won’t work. But thanks for the suggestion.

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I’m guessing you checked for a light colour scheme in their options?

I don’t know of any desktop-based code-sharing beyond using version control systems. Version control isn’t “type on the same document at the same time” though.

That’s what snoe suggested. It’s not safe unless you’re local to and trust each other implicitly.

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Ahahahahaa! Clearly I am stupid. :slight_smile: That would have been the sensible thing to do.