Best (Free) Writing app/program?

I just got a new computer. :cowboy_hat_face:
…But it doesn’t really have a writing program. :fearful:
So yes, what are your suggestions for the best (preferably) free writing apps/programs? :thinking:
Edit: For choice games, and just kinda in general.


For making CS games the following are worth a look at:

If using Atom there’s a choice script syntax highlighter. Details at

Edit: I suggest browsing through the game development section too for more threads/tools.


taps fingers together Interesting…

:blush: Thanks

Notepad ++ is great.


I use Sublime Text for ChoiceScript, and it covers all that I need.

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CSIDE works for me. I don’t have to worry about anything else.


For text editor, we’ve got
Sublime writer

But there’re some programs made by the community, too.

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If you need a full writing suite (e.g., docs, spreadsheets, presentations, etc) and want something other than Google Docs/etc, check out LibreOffice.

ETA: Open Office, which is mentioned below, is another office suite. It goes back and forth which is better between Open and Libre. I’ve heard that lately Libre is being maintained and updated more frequently, but honestly, look at both and check for yourself. :slight_smile:

Apache Open Office is good too if you need a package with programs that are like Office. It has a variation of word, excel, powerpoint, drawing, and other types of programs.

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Personally, I use QuollWriter and Scrivener for short and long project respectively.

Outside of that, there’s an useful list here.

Google docs and notepad. 12/10

Livin it up like it’s still AP Lang and Comp Junior year.

OpenOffice lags behind LibreOffice due to being under-resourced. It was largely dumped on the Apache Software Foundation. Whether or not it will pick up speed is yet to be seen but for office suite, you’re better off picking between Microsoft Office (where available) or Libre Office.

Sublime Text is my editor of choice but was US$70 when I picked up a licence for it.

I usually use ms Office, but I can tell you one thing, all my Offen office docs still open with open offive even if they’re 10yrs old and it seems to throw less hisy fits in general about different formats. My microsift docs needed all sorts of conversions if you ever need to revisit old stuff. Open Office gets some extra brownie points from me for that reason :slight_smile: (but for general processing any of the above is good, although not great for coding. Try notepad +++ or cside for good free ones)

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Libre will have less trouble with the Microsoft formats than Open will, if memory serves Libre just updated its Excel support for instance.

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I’ve not had a single problem with Open Office. It’s free, and it’s a lot like the older version of MS Office, so it was rather intuitive, especially if one is already familiar with working with MS Office. Plus, it came with other programs that were like MS Office, so there is that as well.

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No probs, haven’t used libre much so can’t comment between the two. I’ve got OO and MS on my computer and between the two of them they seem to open most things :slight_smile:

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Yep one of the reasons why I used it it when I didn’t have access to MS Office for a while and it worked in a very similar way most of the time. (I’ve got a free MS Office education version now but still use OO occasionally anyway :smiley: )

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Libre and Open are/were identical - Libre split off when Open got mired in politics and developed much more. Open has seen a resurgence lately and has been backporting Libre code, but Libre is the one to jump on out of the two.

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TextWrangler has been super helpful to me. If you have a slower computer that doesn’t do well with the more complex systems then it’s very nice.