What text editor do you write in?

So, I personally just switched from Notepad++ to Sublime (and wrote most of a syntax highlighter), and was curious as to what most people actually use.

  • Notepad [Windows default]
  • TextEdit [iOS default]
  • A word processor [e.g. Microsoft Word]
  • Notepad++
  • Sublime
  • A different text editor.
  • A non-desktop text editor. [e.g. On a phone]
  • Something online [e.g. CJW’s IDE]
  • Something else entirely
  • I don’t know/I haven’t tried writing yet.

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Also, because I spent a while writing my own syntax highlighter for Sublime, I’m curious about this too.

  • I use a downloaded syntax highlighter.
  • I wrote my own syntax highlighter.
  • What I write with doesn’t allow for syntax highlighters.
  • I don’t know what a syntax highlighter is/how to install.
  • I don’t use a syntax highlighter and don’t want to.
  • I don’t use a syntax highlighter but do want to.

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CSIDE is a huge step in game development and you will not need sublime or notepad, which I think are great editors but not geared towards CS. I really believe this is the only tool you will ever need once it comes out. :smiley_cat:


I also use different programs for different things as well as the primary - Word, the openGUI office program (forget its name) and also I use the Apple text program my sister has on her imac.

I understand this is wonderful but will you learn actual scripting? Learning the scripting process seems important as writing to me.

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A very interesting question!
I use CSIDE for writing ChoiceScript, but I write code code in Notepad++ on Windows, or Github’s Atom on my Mac. Writing a syntax highlighter (mode, really) was one of my least favourite parts about writing CSIDE :confounded:


Is “I don’t use syntax highlighter and it leaves me indifferent.” a valid answer too?

@LordIrish There’s no accounting for personal tasted. I actually keep multiple different syntax highlighters for different things for CS, each one designed to focus my attention differently. Finding a preference with the syntax highlighting was actually my main reason for switching.

@CJW Different tools for different things. I personally keep a lot of notes in txts, and those are still in Notepad++, but for CS, I’ve swapped to Sublime because it’s just a touch better with allowing me to visualize the code.

Oddly, I actually found it fascinating trying to break CS back down into a series of possibilities that would get the code to highlight things uniformly. Of course I just had the one sheet to deal with for it, you probably had a lot more going on in the backend.

@Cecilia_Rosewood Don’t want to bother is close enough to don’t want to that we’re splitting hair at that point. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was really happy with Notepad++, then I switched from PC to Mac. I have textwrangler but have been too scared/distracted to dive into it much.

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Textwrangler! I knew I was forgetting one.


I’m using Scrivener, as well as IDE.
Sometimes Notepad++ too.

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I’m usin’ Cloud9, though mainly for the fact that I can test it online, as well as easily cooperatively write.
(Though the signup process is a pain in the butt)
But otherwise I’m all for Notepad++

Textwrangler for Mac, Notepad++ for PC. Getting a working syntax highlighter in Textwrangler is a pain in the ass, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d like to hear it.

I’m developing a tutorial on the basics of how to write ChoiceScript. I’m starting with installing Notepad++ and Firefox, obviously Notepad++ is optional and I will tell people that it is up to them, but it seems to be the most popular for now. I plan on going into what a syntax highlighter is and how to set one up with N++, again because it’s easiest, though I have not heard of Sublime, is it free/pretty? :wink:

Notepad has some nice features like setting up workspaces (entire folders) so I can work on 3 games at once, Find and Replace several variables at once, etc. I can also link the .html into the workplace so I can right click and open in browser, saves me from navigating to that folder in Explorer and opening the file.

I am interested in CSIDE and I think it really will be the editor of choice if what I hear about it is true. Being able to write and code at the same time is basically what I was doing already but without all the control+Rs and alt+tabs.


Note++ for coding, but I use a word editor for actual story stuff, if one day I do manage to finish my aging WIP. (Grammarly works very well for creative writing but they tend to be proud to charge you, then one fee MSWord or th like can do the basic stuff for you. (Yah I do use that stuff so if I do manage to publish one day maybe the editor might go easy on me with their fees XD)

Textwrangler for me. I gather it does a lot of fancy things that I haven’t bothered turning on yet; so far all I’ve really needed was invisibles shown (so that I can see indents in a glance) and for the program to help me get all my darn parentheses matched up in more complicated if statements.

I’ve been beta-testing the Desktop (PC/Mac) version of CSIDE for quite some time now so I can confirm that, yes, you still have to learn ChoiceScript in order to develop a Choice Game using CSIDE.

However, what it does do (and I freely admit I’m extremely biased here, as I absolutely love it) is strive to make both learning and using CS as easy and painless as possible in all manner of ways. To take just one example, its ‘Smart Indentation’ function is a huge benefit to any newcomer still struggling to learn the CS scripting hierarchy, while even the most experienced coders will find it both streamlines their work and reduces casual indentation errors.

…And back on topic - it also has superb Code Highlighting! :smiley:


I use an actual pen and paper notepad to start with.

I use a combination of notepad and notepad++ to write my game.

I like the autosave feature of Notepad++ and the spellcheck. I currently have 12 tabs open in it, with various snippets of scenes in it.

I use droidedit on my android tablet to view code. I don’t code on my tablet since the keyboard’s a bit slow.

And whenever anyone gets stuck with code on the forum, and I think I can help out, I use the online CSIde.


Am I the only person using macs TextEdit😔?

I use TextEdit as well. It’s simple and nothing else really works on my computer (even TextWrangler refuses to open for some reason).

Kinda wish there was some other way (since it’s so simplistic that I can lose track if my code if I’m not careful) but it works and that’s all I really care about in the end.

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I get similar feelings. I downloaded Komodo edit a while ago, and it sounds stupid but the mere seconds it takes to open keeps me using TextEdit

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You might not be able to open it because it was a “program downloaded from the internet.” If you hold down option while right-clicking on it, and say “open” then it should launch. That’s only if that’s the issue, though.