Best dialogue in CoG/HG titles

Which COG or HG games do you believe has the best dialogue?

Well to clarify my question I speak about dialogue a little long for example a scene where you must ask questions to certain characters to know them better or an interview. I’m talking about intelligent dialogue, not the meaningless ones.

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Samurai of Hyuga. Guns and Sabres of Infinity. SLAMMED!. Choice of Rebels: Uprising. And Heart of the House would be my top picks for this subject.


Tally Ho! manages an ensemble cast that never feels forced or rushed, and I’d argue a lot of it comes from succefully giving each of the main characters recognizable voices that I just couldn’t help but be charmed by. I think Choice of the Deathless is a bit overlooked, but it features so of the most fun narration and dialogue in the series. It’s much more episodic than Tally Ho!, but each of its lawyer-sorcerers feel like multifaceted people despite their few appearences.

And, well, both of these examples do an interesting thing where the dialogue option gives the reader the broad strokes of the answer the MC is going to give, and then the games gives a little back-and-forth between the protagonist and the one they’re talking to. That, I think, is much better than just have the choices amount to short phrases.


Tally Ho! is indeed one of the titles that come to mind! It is a hilarious story with good dialogue. The characters are very diverse and intriguing.

Guenevere is my personal favourite (of all time and beyond). It is a marvel of a game were you play Guenevere (yes it is a gender-locked game, you play as a female, the Queen of Arthur) and the game is character focussed. The choices you make create the character of Guen and also have consequences for how the other main characters (Arthur, Lancelot and Morgana) act and react (this includes dialogue choices). You even have some extent of influence on how their character growth will go. And it is a series that will be seven books long!

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Well… i would said that title belong to Tin Star again , thus far i can think of numerous scenes where my MC enjoy memorable dialogue with multiple characters within the story …

This certainly belong to the dialogue scene with Maria Agustina when i first met her, if MC is interested to know her better by asking intelligent question , and some question can only be relevant if we read Maria’s respond carefully , where she will reveal her family history with relation to the politic and culture of Mexicans, history about her marriage , why she became a widow and had to go on exile from her home…to the extend of what is her opinion regarding who is the “Real” Marshall … I can say that every limited interaction with Maria is simply amazing and her replies was what made her truly deserve the title of countess

In addition , the dialogue with Richard Hartigan was also cleverly written in which readers will finally realise he is Carrie Caraway’s father

Even the dialogue with Fredrick Upton was nothing short of marvelous, because depend on our choices of interaction with him , we can decide whether we can have a happy ending…

Above were just some short examples of the wonderful dialogues found in Tin Star , my personal favourite will forever be the dialogue with Maria Agustina :slight_smile: