Before Earth: The First Star

I’ve fell in love with choice driven games and finally decided to start on my own. But only if enough people are interested in the idea.

I’m really into Young Adult fiction and I seem to write that category best so this is the idea.

Based in a the fictional town of Saint-Ellena, the story revolves around you (the Protagonist) dies on your 16’th birthday, but comes back from the dead upsetting the ballence of live, causing Angles to fall from heaven and demons to come up from hell, as it is discovered that you are actually a half-breed and the gate way for one species to cross over to the other. Both sides will want you one there side, but only one can have you.

Everything is still be plotted and written, and this book will be a stand alone in a 6 part series which will be a origin story of sorts


Are we able to choose how we die


Bring me the F**K into this shit PLEASE.


Yeah the story actually starts there when be able to die in different ways depending on youre choice, but the story won’t just involve angles and demons, there’s gonna be vampires, werewolf’s and witch’s ext… So maybe you’r death could be something supernatural based to.

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I want to die while entertaining a bunch of kids in a birthday party.
Or during the ‘act’ :ok_hand:.


Interesting, will this be a saga or will it be just one book?

I plan on making this a series of up to 5 or 6 books, yeah.

Holy…that’s incredibly long! I’ll look forward to the day your ambition will be fulfilled.

A note: the “unknown” choice has many pitfalls surrounding it and may not be received well, depending on how you execute this choice. Many non-binary individuals may see this choice as provocative or even insulting.

As to: if you should do this - yes, if you are passionate enough, dedicated enough and willful enough to follow through until it is published.


Is there an option to be a neutral?

I’m looking forward to it and if we become a neutral can we make our own demons and angels paradise aah

I don’t think that was Prophecy’s intent: It may very well be a term they used because they’re not too familiar with English, and meant no offense. (Yes it’s an assumption, but a reasonable one I think.)

As for the story itself, it reminds me a lot of the Shin Megami Tensei series, what with the supernatural (particularly angels and demons) running amok and wanting our MC to be theirs. I’m still wanting to learn more about the story before I say anything further, however.

I think you may be right (hence the “depending on execution” bit).

If I thought they meant offence I would have had a much different reaction other then I did.

What is intended isn’t clear, how the execution whatever the intent isn’t discussed nor shown … nevertheless, the issue remains and it is better to highlight it, in early feedback, as soon as possible.

Or perhaps you thought I was handing out a forum use warning? In which case, no, I wasn’t doing that.


I’ve finally started on writing and decided that this will be a stand-alone book that will dive in the origins of the world of supernatural. And Will take place twenty or so years before the actually Protagonist(You) come to be. Im actually making the first book a stand alone so that you’ll get to learn more about all the supernatural entity’s involved (As I really want to set them apart from others and give them their own origins and different strength’s and weakness), their roles and what their capable of and of course the supernatural world itself as from the second book onwards the war between Angles and Demons and why your so special will be the main focus.

RagEgnite and Eiwynn thanks for pointed out my error, I’m sorry if I offended any one by my mistake and I have changed it.


There is nothing I like more than CYOA games. RPG in general is awesome in any platform. Having said that, this sounds interesting, but the result will depend mostly on how the story is written and what the focus will be. Will it be in relationships? Politics involving Heaven and Hell? Stats and achievements? Even if it is about the MC (well, he’s called main character for a reason) the game will comunicate something: what will this something be?

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Also in advance, make sure that you type in “angels” instead of “angles” – it’d be really weird seeing demons try to wage war with math concepts.



I’m interested in the story of the game! I hope you go through with it :grin:

Sounds cool, I definitely want to play that.

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