Baka (Just a Game Idea)

HEY, I have got this idea of is where u are just a high schooler in the world of the anime "BAKA N TEST"for those who dont know about this anime its basically,let me explain:-

You study in a school that kinda favours intelligence over just about everything so much so that according to the marks u get in 1 test {known as placement test} puts u in the section A,B…till F according to ur grades for that test.
You also get a kinda of minature avatar that fights in real life something like a chibi version of urself that gets his skills for fighting according to the marks u get in different test.The thing with the school is since it favours intelligence it gives all the luxury to the intelligent students so the A section gets a really big room with each student having its own ipad , a recliner chair , a theater room u get the point and by the B section gets something like that but little less and the luxury become extremely low till you reach section F where there just cardboard boxes as tables for students
But pay attention to those chibis {known as summons} these are the only fair play in this pretty unfair school, If one of the class is able to defeat the whole class they can take their equipments
PHEW that was difficult to explain
You are the pinnacle of intelligence the topper of the school ,HAA u wish fooled u nope you are the dumbest kid around im pretty sure you dont have any special ability but your saving grace is see the chibi characters i mentioned before these chibi fighters are just like video game characters you dont feel wat they feel but u the protaganist are on a punishment that is u feel what ur chibi character feels {n u can this character to lift heavy objects cause {he is quite strong n also u can summon him wherever u want u dont have to be in a fixed arena but u still need a teachers permission }everything,so for example your chibi character falls from the top floor or it got pretty badly beaten at the battle you will feel all the pain but u wont die {if someone kicked your chibi character at ahem ahem lets just say at the wrong place dont worry they will be safe but u will feel that pain}
-Marks are not everything,some morale like that
-A love triangle between a tsundere girl n a sweet girl {n maybe one of the topper guy as well}

  • Lots of three dimensional characters
    -lots of anime refrences
    -Lots of choices
    -Tons of attempt for humour
    -More perverted bad jokes
    N yeah the thing is your character is gonna be MALE thats going to be fixed ,SORRY
    OKAY HOWS THE IDEA I HAVE ALREADY STARTED WRITING THE FIRST CHAPTER before moving forward i just wanna get ur opinion
    {n those who watch anime im gonna make the main character Yoshi , but you can change his name}

yeah sorry for the bad english its my second lang

now this is MY game

pd:jokes aside the game see great and had some potencial, I look forward to see the games :grinning:

lol ,thanks man really appreciate your review dont worry just doing some finishing touches the first chapter will be uploaded in a weeks time :wink:

The game sounds very fun but be careful not to have very cliche choices since the style is very anime-like. But as i said it sounds really fun and i am really exited try it out !

yeah you should avoid cliche elections and you should also be careful with “perverted” jokes or certain scenes that will be very explicit

Hmm. I think there might be some trouble making this…like copyright.

Unless you plan on not publishing this…

Best to ask a mod.

Always better to be safe than sorry.


Can we change his appearance as well

I gonna love this game

this sounds like an awesome game. Take my 3 dollars. NOW!

You better put Hideyoshi in this game my friend…

im thinking to put him as a love interest :wink: :blush: my friend ,nice to know that im not the only one who watches the anime

thanks man u just made my day

Yup you can change his hairstyle , his skin colour and much more

Is this inspired by an anime? I see a similarity in the anime Baka to Test in this story.

this is pretty much same thing ,everthing is gonna be almost same just u r the main character and you can control the story

Him? What do you mean ‘him’? Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi, Hideyoshi is neither a boy or a girl, contrary to what Hideyoshi might insist.

Very interested in this game. I love the Baka and Test anime! But I’m curious we’ll we be only be able to play as a male or would you ever consider a female option as well?

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