Bad achievements, prequel not included & lack of pics ZOMBIE EXODUS

The prequel should be included in the game. We could have more artwork, alot more.
Also you don’t even bother including a different img for each achievement, its the same for most if not all of your games.

The writing is awesome but for the price you ask, the game lacks in many ways.

I come from Steam, devs and publisher don’t even take a look at the game’s hub. The price is insane yet they do not act accordingly.

A prequel is currently being made. Exodus: Safe Haven.

Also write this post on the official topic for ZE feedback to avoid clutter :blush:

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As far as artwork goes, I’m not sure what you’re looking for. It’s not a visual novel, it’s a text-based game and for that it actually has a lot of content. I ignore achievements as fluff, and so they don’t affect my estimation of a game’s worth. I personally feel like 8 dollars if fair for the game in its entirety, but I don’t come from steam and so, again, my expectations are likely different.


Just for your information, you’re (partially) barking up the wrong tree. While Zombie Exodus was published by Choice of Games it was published as a Hosted Game. They neither wrote it nor asked someone to write it for them. The game was made by an independent author (@JimD to be specific).

And besides, do you honestly expect something that is explicitly stated to be

a thrilling 750,000-word interactive survival-horror novel by Jim Dattilo, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without animation or sound effects–

(quote directly from it’s description in the steam store) to have a lot of, if any, pictures? It sounds to me like you made wrongful assumptions about the game you were buying, which doesn’t strike me as something you could blame on either the author or the publisher of said game. (especially since there is a free demo of the game available on steam)


To be fair the complete absence of pictures after being shown them for most of part 1 is strange. I can see how it can distract from the narrative. The rest of his post feels kind of nonsensical.

@Sylfaen the art in the first part was done by a student artist who quit much sooner than I expected. I agree it was odd to have art in Part 1 only but I also didn’t want to scrap it.


The art was good though too bad he quit the final product of the game would’ve been way better if he stayed till the end.

The art really did help when I was playing really gives it that zombie apocalyptic mood that kept my blood pownding, the art helped immerse me into the game.

Is there no way to add artwork in the other chapters?

It depends entirely on your tastes. I don’t like pictures in books. I have my mental image of the story and pictures are just a nuisance I skip. Teens nowadays are like kindergartens. If it doesn’t have pictures they don’t want read it or play it. An artist is expensive more thinking how under price this games are. If a book with this re play cost less than a mac menu …

I could be wrong but I would guess that there will be multiple artists clamoring to do art for Safe Haven, if @JimD so desires.

That made Jim sound like a deity. You’re welcome.


@Obsidian I think artwork can be a distraction from my writing and from the mental images created by the reader. For some games like Sam Young’s series, the artwork enhances the story because of how vivid they are and the fantasy nature.

My artist was paid and I could pay another or work with a student who would contribute for free, but the control freak in me would spend too much time on that part. Time is the one thing I don’t have enough of. Maybe that’s why I wrote a game about time control.

If I could quit my job, I’d have Safe Haven out in a few months, but I can’t afford to do that, of course.