Awoken (Fantasy WIP) - updated 16/May/2017


I’m so glad this is back, this is my favorite WIP, also is the baron really going to be a romance option because I’m so down with that :+1:


Me: A picture of Silver? Pfft, how attractive could a magic robot man be?

  • sees picture *
    Oh no, he’s hot!


Careful not to misgender people, fictional characters included–it’s an easy mistake to make since the game is so casual about it, but Silver is gender neutral and uses they/them pronouns


I’m aware. I just see Silver as a dude and so refer to him as such outside of the game. I like to think it’s up to the player what to call them. Or maybe that’s just how I’m used to seeing gender-neutral characters in games. Like, Frisk from Undertale, I see Frisk as a girl, and refer to her as a girl. Or Niko from OneShot, I see Niko as male, so I refer to him as such.


I haven’t seen OneShot so I can’t comment on that, but Frisk is an audience avatar and so it is up to the player how they’re called.

This isn’t really the thread for it so I won’t drag it out, but calling Silver by whatever gender you like is incorrect. Gender neutrality isn’t a placeholder for the player to put something better in, it’s a gender identity that should be respected same as any other gender identity. Saying that you think it should be up to anyone what they’re called when what they’re called is already defined is very offensive


I’m not trying to start any controversy, I just kinda automatically gave Silver a male voice in my head and just decided to roll with it, maybe because I’m straight and decided to try romancing them. And this whole ‘your not confined to one gender’ thing is kind of new to me, as I’m only 15, and are very limited in what I can experience and where I can go.


That is all completely fair (although, completely unrelated to their gender, I should warn you that the author has stated Silver won’t be available as a romance, I think for reasons that will become clear later on)

I get that not everyone is familiar with this kind of thing. Thinking of Silver as more masculine than feminine is fine, as well as a voice headcanon, and I’m not trying to attack you at all. But going forward, this is still something you should know, especially on this forum where there are a lot of nonbinary people (including myself). It doesn’t matter what the pronouns are, if a character uses those pronouns, you should only use those pronouns to refer to them(/him/her/hir/whatever) with. It’s very rude to people who also use those pronouns if you treat them as interchangeable with binary ones–if someone said to you that they’d rather think of you as a man, I’m sure that would be very hurtful, and it’s the same to nonbinary people, especially given that we already have to fight to be seen as the genders we identify as. A mistake is perfectly fine and I absolutely understand making it, but just in the future be more aware of these issues, and if you come across any other characters or people that use they/them, don’t substitute that with anything else


Aw man, I can’t romance them…
Well, whatever! I can still be best friends with them! Nonbinary magic robot pal for life!


Yup, I talked myself into it, the thing literally no one was asking for :smirk:


And here’s the update. I have to say that this one doesn’t progress the story much; it’s mostly been adding things into what’s there and fleshing out parts of chapter six.

Of note:

  • Added in conversations with Serel in chapter 5 and chapter 6
  • Expanded Vin’s conversation in chapter 6 at the party
  • Expanded and finished Kay’s conversation in the neutral path of chapter 6
  • Added a small interaction with Malina in the neutral path of chapter 6 to even her and Aden’s screentime (though this bit is not entirely finished yet.)
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks

Yes, this update is 95% dialogue trees! (or at least felt like it)

I have been working on something for the CoG contest, so progress on Awoken will continue to be slow for the foreseeable future, I’m afraid.


I’m just amazed you can work on multiple projects - I don’t have that ability other then the “thought for the next project” type of activity.

Good luck with both projects.


This is awesome!! It’s so original and captivating!


I just found that the neutral path cuts off before the new additions! :open_mouth: pay no attention to the hasty file-checking behind the curtain…
(also I think I’ve done something weird with the save plugin, I’m going to see if I can fix that too)


Is there any way for us to revive our magical powers in the current demo


You mean your Awoken powers or just any trace of magical power?


I wonder if my character can be reunited with Malina and take over the barony. Or it is too much spoiler?


Any trace of powers - like using them


Not quite yet, but if you’ve been doing certain things you can get it so they’ll come back quicker, and there’s a few things that you might notice change (for instance, you can sense the monster in the forest and avoid getting injured by it)

Getting your Awoken powers back (if you ever do), that’s going to be a whole big plot thing.

You can be reunited with Malina, sure :innocent:


OK, I’ve fixed the save plugin! I’ve also removed the errant *finish from the neutral path, so now you can actually find out what the prince(ss) wants.


If I ever do? :astonished: Someone is going to pay for this! :person_with_pouting_face: Which hopefully means I wasn’t the one responsible for stripping me of my powers…that would be embarrassing :blush: