Avenger styled team up (collaboration idea.)

For now this is gonna be labeled project 7x.

Short summary/explanation
Basically the idea is that I get together 5 other authors (experienced or not experienced) to each write a story for a superhero that they will create with each one having there own origin story. Then to have them have an avenger style team up written collectively by the group of author including me.

Each author will write a chapter from the perspective of that character in the team up book, but for there own one they will be solely written by them. The aim or purpose is to create a universe that ultimately other people can write there own mini stories on.

It will hopefully go like this.

Stage One Plan

  • Character X’s Origin: Author 1
  • Character X’s Origin: Author 2
  • Character X’s Origin: Author 3
  • Character X’s Origin: Author 4
  • Character X’s Origin: Author 5
  • Character X’s Origin: Author 6

Team Up Book: All authors will take a chapter of the story from their character’s perspective

End of Stage One.

From here me and the other authors will decide were we want to take a possible stage two or to leave the series where it is. The plan for the character origins is to stagger them out and make sure that they are connected so that the reader isn’t flooded with multiple complex stories at once

Basic Plan
What I will need is 5 other authors who are interested or passionate about this idea so that we can get to planning this as that will most likely take a while. If you are interested message me or leave a comment below. I’ll be creating a group chat on some form of social media for us to chat and share our ideas on. We will then go off to plan our characters and then come back and try to set up the personality for the team and the main villain that we will build up to, word count, easter eggs the whole enchilada. After we will go back to our stories and then come back to plan releases and other small stuff

Give us shout below if you are keen to be a part of this.

So yeah that’s the idea. Thoughts?


why five?

hum…I suggest some kind of warranty . for everyone included . After all , these are stranger , they don’t know you…and you don’t know them . It’s easy for fire to start over the smallest little thing . A warranty , a none run away with someone else work…or get kicked and his work is stolen .


This sounds sick!!! I mean, I’m not an author, but I love what I’m seeing. Bringing the Avengers to Choice of Games.

I see the risk with getting 5 other authors, people who don’t know each other but that’s why I’ll have everyone doing there own story to start this universe off.

Avengers style huh? I actually was working on a idea pretty similar to this but I had to put it on hold because of my PC’s graphics card being dead. But having 5 authors to work together on this story is pretty interesting imo. I believe I would be willing to take a part in this if that could be possible.

Sweet, I’ll write your name down

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Awesome! I’m looking forward to being a part of this project.

Wow, I love this idea and would totally be down to participate! I’ve never written for CoG though, just short fiction and articles (TV critic), would that be okay?

This sounds like a marvelous idea! I would like to be apart of this project (if you would let me). I love superheroes and how they can represent and/or address a multitude of issues, ideologies, and/or identities!

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Sweet your name is down as well

As long as you are keen to write and have some ideas I’ll chuck your name down

Yes, I love writing and do so regularly. Excited to work on this!

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Each writer has their own style so you’ll just end up with that clashing in the story itself.

Honestly I can’t see something like this being good.

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I reckon that this could work with the right amount of planning and work, and having different authors with different styles can make some amazing stories

We would have amazing fusion food without different cooks combining different styles.

I’ve added more to the description so that my idea come across smoothly, again there are some spots available for this so just keep leaving comments.


not always . they could do it in 'les milles et une nuit’ style , and the one who is in charge can tie all the stories together .

It’s already been done twice “Lost in Pages” and “starship adventures” iirc both multi author projects.

It’s doable you just need to make sure to set ground rules that everyone must follow. It’ll make it easier in the long run.


Just some advice-- all you make a PM/ convoy together and build the world – e.g. set in dense cities/ rural area, what kinda powers (from small flashy powers to time travel and immortality-- if one guy makes a character who can time travel, another character with sucky abilities in comparison may be less valued/ interesting to the reader.

Oh and make sure people’'s style fits the characters. Not as all have the same style, as many styles could reflect personality and experiences, but maybe have the guy who has the power to read minds be more pessimistic/ have a negative outlook than the guy who can time travel or something

I wouldn’t really classify myself as a great writer, but if it doesn’t trouble you, I’m pretty sure I can participate!

If it’s alright, I would like to join up! It sounds like an interesting idea and, like @Nocturnal_Stillness said, it has been done before.