Avenger styled team up (collaboration idea.)

As @Nocturnal_Stillness states, this was done already in two games. Overall, it can be a pretty nice experience, though I also want to warn you that many people who initially commit will never end up writing their stories (I was involved in both “Lost in Pages” and “starship adventures”, and the final list of authors does not include many people who initially expressed enthusiasm, but who for different reasons withdrew…). Anyway, I can tell you some other lessons learnt if you want (like, one important one is that you need a “leader” who drives the project forward, etc)


While people have done a collaboration of various authors, the fact of the matter is that nothing is ever original. Everything that is created is a rendition of a different thing, all that matters is that your rendition is associated with you. As in when people read this project, instead of viewing this as an attempt at a superhero version of Lost in Pages or Starship Adventures, this can stand out on it’s own.

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