Author looking to start/join a project!

Hello! My name is Jordan and I am an author in training, though I am not even sure that is a real rank, and looking to help in development in a project. Rather its joining in the middle of one or starting from the very start. One reason being I would love to work with a team, it will help me wanting to keep going, and I have no idea how to code. Wish I hope to learn to do soon.

I am looking to work on something with RO and other then that I am pretty much open.

If you like to know more about me, or would like to talk to see if I am someone you would like to work with you can reach me on discord. Jordan Haley#3128


Everyone who started didn’t know code.

People would be rather hesitant to let anyone in on their project if they refuse to help with any amount of code. Though, it’s not impossible, it is unlikely.

What you could do is:

  • download the program and play around with it.
  • look up and read tutorials about choicescript
  • browse the forums and look at questions about code



Yeah, its unlikely someone will add you to their project part way through unless you luck out with a coder looking for an author which is uncommon.

There’s an initial steep learning curve, but once you’ve got the basics down, becoming relatively proficient in coding isn’t all that hard. You can actually write a really simple game using just the goto and choice commands if you need to get the hang of things, it’ll read more like an old school cyoa. (The rest of the code is just embellishing to make the game more customisable.) Start with something simple and short. The mistake a lot of people make is to go overboard with their first game and get overwhelmed and never finish it.

Check out the tutorial on the site and the example included in the choicescript download file. If you can’t work something out, there’s usually someone around happy to trouble shoot for you if you’ve gone through the tutorials and something still isn’t working right.


It actually isn’t as hard as most people think to learn the basics. The tutorials provided are a great help and if you just take like an hour to read them and play with the code while referencing them you’ll pick it up quickly. It’s okay to have a lot of extra code lines and pages in your first WIP. I’ll bet once you get to the point of completing your first game you’ll be a pro.

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Hey! I reached out on discord, I’ve wanted to produce a game for years but have struggled with follow through. I can code well but have issues with characters and dialogue

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Per FAQ, it is not allowed to advertise for coders.