August 2023 Writer Support Thread

Happy birthday to all August babies out there,… including me! :wink: You are loved.
To be honest, my progress on writing went cold a long time ago, I just posted a WIP and stopped there. I focused on other things far from COG. This year I will slowly try and get back on the groove. My game: The last student of Veyana is still in draft mode luckily the codes and notes are still backed up, offline though I am working on making it a trilogy so when I bounce back I have the full story.
Congratulations on everyone working on something, having it on queue or pushing the envelope with their work, I appreciate you lot.


Samuel_H_Young: What a wonderful complement to receive. Congratulations and I wish you continued success. You will get those numbers back-up as you acclimate to your improved writing style. I often have to look-up the etymology of words, invention dates, and even common phrases----- Got stuck on the simple concept of dinner last week. Who knew dinner was so complicated.

I appreciate that you appreciate this. I took a break a few months ago after having a terrible start to my posted story. I ripped it down. Starting a new series can be a big hurdle to leap over. It takes a lot of time and energy---- And so can feel devastating if you fall on your face. I wish you luck and creative inspiration for your Trilogy and look forward to seeing it posted.


August has been dead and depressing to me.
The last nail on the coffin came today: Stefano told me that some of the magazines he had sent my tale rejected it, because they published per different theme every number.
Lets hope for some better news next weeks.


I mean, that’s not particularly bad news. They’re not saying your work doesn’t have quality, they’re saying “bad timing, try again later”. You (or Stefano) just have to keep an eye on those magazines’ theme schedules (I presume themes are announced long before submission deadlines).

Either way, I hope September treats you better. :slight_smile:


I understand your feelings, but they gave you a reason. That means they are interested, If they were not you wouldnt have a reply I know people who send stuff and never have a reply from them

Be vigilant polish further and wait for them to have a compatible issue and if you can ever ask for nearby themes write something formas them.

As someone like me used to failing in everything I can say you my motto "You only fail if you stop trying. If you keep working by statistic you will win


I spent the entire month of June to professional polish it, luckily it was only a grammar and stylish one. Unless the publisher will demand a new one, we are already settled with the final draft.


That is great news! Now you just have to be patient


Hi everyone,

Almost time for an end-month wrap up. But before the usual posting occurs, I wanted to bring something said in another thread here because I feel it is the type of topic best explored here.

This topic of concern is something that many of us deal with and often unfairly beat ourselves up over.

Using myself as an example here, this past week has been hard for me … word count, I am only showing a few thousand words, but what does not show with the metrics is that I did a bunch of structural and mechanics work.

This work will allow my future self to write faster and more productively, but present me feels like the time spent this week was wasted.

My suggestion is to take a step back during these times and realize that “writing” and “game development” is not always a measurable endeavor.

Research, pondering, and even taking breaks as necessary are all parts of being a “real” writer and word count is not always going to tell the entire tale of your writing and scripting.


On my end, I’m almost done writing and coding in the additional suggestions for Falrika the Alchemist. This means more balanced choices and affection points for the four ROs, while also divulging Falrika’s past and offering social commentary. That’s multiple birds with one stone.



I’ve totally failed in my August goal. I’ve written more words for later sequels than I have for the current chapter I’m working on. I’ve spent even more time making sure the “back end” is something I’m happy with, with the numbers on population, agriculture, and magic holding together and pointing toward particular endgame outcomes. That involved a fair amount of research and pondering.

But all of it was constructive and necessary for this game to be the best I can make it. My success isn’t primarily measured in word count or updates, but in a game I’m happy with at the end of the day.


I am not writing, but I dont care because my therapy is working wonders lately. I am able to be calm and not jumping to people trying to baiting me to a fight. A decade ago even a year ago peobably I would be banned now for replying in anger.

Today was important because for first time I feel this community cared about me and first time somebody believed I am an English language speaker. Maybe That person message wasnt positive, but lol it worked wonders in my self-esteem.

I am improving. First time I notice and for my therapy is a wow moment.


Never thought I’d be cheering in the context of someone acting like such a jerk to you, but: Woohoo! :slight_smile:


Well, August has been as slow as expected for new writing but:

I have done this! It was a squeeze but I’ve now got 10,500 words of Chapter 5 code waiting for the words to go in next week.

I did both these things! I am always immensely grateful for any kind of feedback and it all helps. I’ve been making tweaks and small fixes through the month.

I did this! Granted, it was this morning but technically-still-in-the-month is still in the month. I will have a better sense of scope once I start coding: I suspect I’ll want to trim some of it once I get more of it down so that it feels satisfying and not spread too thin.

I did this - I wrote something about Matia from Honor Bound. I had been considering putting up a new Patreon tier for these for September and committing to posting one per month, but… I am still not sure. I think I’ll wait for now. I have enjoyed writing something just for me, and the idea of committing to add to my monthly workload indefinitely makes me nervous.

It means I won’t get as much money from Patreon - when I removed a similar tier before due to burnout, the subscriber money went down dramatically - but I want to balance that with the energy and time cost. Because… ultimately my focus is on my ongoing large projects rather than short stories and I don’t want my progress to suffer because I’m getting sidetracked. Perhaps in the future I may reorganise my workflow to prioritise Patreon more; we’ll see.

(I do like the idea of having them as little bonus DLCs when the games are released, but I’m not totally sure.)

So on that introspective note, I hope everyone’s Augusts have gone well :heart:


Putting character profiles out may have helped. I still have to make putting across my message clearer though.

Some progress in this, even if it is just a baby step.

See you all in a couple of days where I will post my goals for next month!

It’s good to hear that you are better able to manage your emotions and thoughts. I, sadly, am not there yet.

That could happen, provided that you have enough of them, but as you mentioned, if it gives you too much stress beyond what you can handle, then I’ll rather keep these just for myself.

Word count is what outsiders see. They don’t see all the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ that goes on, the research that happens in the backend, the many hours of thinking, the breaks that you need to relieve that stress of yours, and so on… But you do, and that is what matters most.


I know you will, I still have a rocky road but I am starting to see the light ahead and a way to live with my anxiety and my depression.

If I am improving you can, everyone can. I recommend you seek or a support group or a therapist and try several methods until find someone that resonates with you.

We all can if we try hard enough. You can.


I hate outlining so much it’s unreal. Devil’s task.
Most of what I did this month for the story was outlining, or thinking in circles about the outline. Pondering, ruminating on, and brainstorming for. The outline.

I keep changing how I keep track of word count, so I’m not actually sure how much I wrote. I don’t think it was 10k though, but that’s fine. And I’ve just finished the first branch of this chapter, which has me very happy.

I didn’t really start actually writing it until yesterday, but I’m fond of it. It’s much more technical than my other story, which is like a nice little treat.

Additionally, I got a lot done on the “taking in inspiration” end of creativity this month. Podcasts, music, games, books…I had a good August. :>


I’ve written 2900 words including code for the Halloween Jam this far, which is pretty good for one weekend and about a week worth of writing-after-work days. If I keep this up I’ll get to the high end of my word count goal of 10000 words before the end of next month with ease.


I’m about halfway through chapter one’s writing/coding, so this is incomplete. To be fair I’ve been going through some shit, though.

See chapter 1. I haven’t started on chapter 2 because I’m not done with chapter 1.

Well, this I managed, at least!

I have had approximately 3 interviews every week this entire month, and I legitimately have been working my ass off. I cannot find a job, but I can’t give up. Wish me luck in September, ya’ll.


Wow---- reading everyone’s post was enlightening---- The struggles and the triumphs. I have to admit I do not set wordcount goals. I think I set scene goals.---- And certainly some scenes require more research than others---- Sometimes I’m just looking to increase my lexicon of descriptive words.

Niki_C-- I wish you luck on finding a job to survive. I also need to due this. I’m looking into writing gigs because I just don’t want to be an emergency animal technician anymore. I hope you can find something that lends well to carving-out writing time.

Final Thought: It is that reflective time of year---- why? There are so many reasons. Be it the seasons, work, school, money---- anything. I am going to a lake. I should do this and I should do that---- But the lake is what i want---- Headin’ down there for the weekend with the dog and friends to think---- Perhaps we will talk of writing, or laugh, or dream---- but certainly we’ll drink.

– Cheers


So. I didn’t quite get the first one of these done (though with a late-month push, I did manage 40k words). This chapter has been an odd sort of beast for me; shorter than I initially anticipated by a lot, and now lengthened with some material I was previously going to put in the epilogue, which I think overall will give both of them better flow. Anyway, I managed 40k words, which I’m not going to complain about.

For the Diaspora goal, though, I did succeed! I have only the very last epilogue scene (and all its variations) to write as of now. Considering how slowly progress moves on that one it might still be a few months, but we’ll see.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with where my projects are; I’m hoping both will have complete first drafts by the end of the year, and that one of them will perhaps even be edited for submission. But before that, I’ve got to get through September. :slight_smile: