August 2023 Writer Support Thread

Yes! Yes! Yes! Chapter 23 of my little project Last Dream is online!

It’s very hot here and the beach calls… But I want to stay strong and continue writing instead of yelding to the sirens’ call…


Four days ago I was on top of the world. Now, I’m struggling. A part of my game involves disabilities inflicted on the PC… and I’m just not 100% sure I can do them justice, but the idea of removing them from the game limits the idea I had for representation for these disabilities, but also limits the amount of drama and urgency I can inflict on the PC.

Like… It’s times like these I miss my writing mentor. I used to be able to just go to him and talk it out, but now I’m all by myself. And worse, I’m frozen without an idea of what to do next. Do I remove the system, wait until I’m more established, more capable with the systems? Do I challenge myself, stretch myself, to try and make it work, even though I could possibly insult the entire disabled community. Which is the opposite of what I wanna do.

And decision paralysis sucks.


My approach would be to complete your copy as intended … revisions of both copy and systems can be made, and nothing is set in stone.

Future you can then find sensitivity readers to help with needed perspective and feedback.


Unfortunately, there’s a lesson you need to learn: there’s no way to 100% guarantee that you don’t offend someone. No one’s experience will be the same, and even the most authentic depiction will seem wrong to someone. The best thing you can do is research. Research how the disability works and how it affects someone’s everyday life. And if you can, watch videos by, read books by, and (if you can) talk to people who have personally experienced the disability. And after you’ve done that and applied it to your writing, except that you’ve done your best

Should you go through all that for this story? That’s up to you. If it’s important to you, the character, or the story, then it’s probably something you want to pursue. But if it doesn’t fit any of those, it may be an unnecessary distraction, even if it’s interesting or a form of representation. It would probably fit better in something else


Pooping while taking a shower, or are they branching actions? This is the sort of thing that choicescript was invented for.


I laughed way too hard at this. I think there’s something wrong with me. XD


Well, I finally started on a project for the Halloween game jam on the 24th day of that jam. Better late than never, I guess. Wish me luck.


I spent an hour on Honor Bound Chapter 5 coding today. I felt a bit nervous - schedules aren’t back to normal yet so I won’t be doing a full work day for a while longer - but I think it was a good move to do a small amount now rather than going back to full days straight off. Hopefully when I am back to my usual routine, it’ll be a smoother transition.


I knew there were readers out there who laugh at pooping. I knew it!---- Vindication at last.

Niki_C: I agree with both Hannah and Anna_B---- And I have heard authors reiterate both of their messages. Strive to do the research---- read anything anyone with that disability has written about it----in particular how they feel about it. I’m not sure what kind of disabilities you have in mind; but, I think you can do it---- Don’t give up yet.

As for me: I added a huge scene into the beginning of Gemini: Winds of Change (All curtesy of some smart feed-back.) I still have to clean-up the Stats Page and add a few more physical attributes into the choices. After reading Hannah’s chapter 1 of Honor Bound, I got some good ideas on how to weave those in without disrupting the story---- Thanks Hannah.

----- Keep Writing


Having resolved some personal issues irl, I can now focus on my WiP once more.

To celebrate that, i pumped out an update that fixed everything that was pointed out during my absence, and finally got around to fixing that plothole that’s been bugging me for two months, (I literally only had to change one sentence fml.)

With this though, I can move onto, in my personal opinion, the fun part. Each chapter of my WiP contains what i like to call a “rewind” section, which is a pig to code and sometimes feels like putting together a jigsaw piece while your mother-in-law yells at you that the sunday roast has set the kitchen on fire and your nephew is crying because he accidentally fell down the stairs and also the jigsaw is on fire.

Yet, i find this the fun part. I like jigsaws.

I may be a masochist…


This sounds interesting---- And certainly plausible to code. Are you rewinding the choice selection or sections of the story itself? or both? I’m sort of thinking…“Last time on [Leinco’s game, chpt 2], the MC did this and said that and went there.” I hope it is worth the effort. This is always the question I ask myself.


Essentially, the premise of my WiP is that every time the MC dies, time is rewound to the last point you wake up. In every “rewind section,” you are given a free reign to carry out a mission in a large area with a time limit. (And by time limit, i mean that every choice takes a set number from a hidden variable, and once that reaches 0, times up.)

If the MC happens to die, i use a *goto to send them back to a checkpoint at the beginning of the file, and reset all variables that the MC may have affected to their original state. You do, however, keep any knowledge or stat increases you acquired from the previous life, and each scene will have different variations depending on what the MC did there last time, or whether it is their first time there.

In short, it involves a lot of temporary variables.


Indeed that does. That is much more complicated than I imagined---- And sounds intriguing. I spent a few months or so creating a navigable ocean with dynamic weather patterns. When I get the readers there, I hope they enjoy it. Good luck with your project!


Hello, the month is almost over, and what can I say? i did make some major progress. Now comes the playtesting phase, to see if what I made is presentable or not lol. If anyone is interested in privately testing my game, feel free to approach me; my inbox is always open. Thank you.


Shout-out to Hannah for posting a “How to create a save chapter feature”

---- Like Mana from heaven.

I hope you don’t mind me posting the link Hannah. You reminded me that I need to organize my variables. Things got a little crazy on my startup page over the years. Now’s a good time for me to clean it up.


Oh, I’m doing the same kind of thing! I may have to go take a look at it, so I can get an idea. Thanks a ton for pointing it out!

The problem is, I’ve set myself a real high goal for my first game, so I’ve put the adding disabilities on hold, as while it will add to the game, not having it won’t detract from the game. So I’ll add it in as an update after I get the whole game finished and where I want it. That way I have plenty of time to do the research.

Thanks everyone for your support and kindness!

Edit: Just spent two hours implementing chest and genital anatomy variables. TAT I’m asexual, why do I have to do this… Oh wait, cuz horniness exists. XD Well, at least I’ve got a head start on getting those sorted out so that when I start writing the actual horny parts (WAYYY down the line) it won’t be so difficult.


I am happy all of you it is doing well, and a little jealous. My body is on hold until 1 sep 2:00 Berlin time… When I can put my damn Starfield game.

Am I more hyped that with Oblivion in 2006


Installed my first chapter reload program last night. It works. Something I had been putting off---- And maybe the last big thing I hadn’t quite figured-out. Simply just sorting the variables into chapters, something likely obvious to most of you, was soothing.---- A spring cleaning for the variables---- something that dorks like.


I have posted the first two Maverick character profiles on the discussion thread.

Only one week left!


I’ve developed a new and improved writing style over the last few months. It’s much better and more deliberate, but it takes twice as long for me to write. So I’ll have to settle with 500 words a day instead of the 1k/day I’d more or less managed the previous eleven years or so. But I’m much more excited and confident even if my stories will take much longer to create.